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3 Smart Applications to Support Facility Lighting & Load Schedule Needs

May 1, 2024

In business, the only certainty is change. Being able to adapt to that change is essential to the long-term success of any commercial, industrial, or municipal operation. On the facility management front, this often comes up when lighting or load schedules need to be adjusted with short notice to accommodate business needs.

To help solve this challenge, Intermatic developed new ETW Series Wi-Fi Controls, robust two- and three-circuit controls that make it easy for users to adjust schedules from anywhere via the Intermatic Connect app. Consider these three smart applications for the ETW Series before you plan your next big project.

Outdoor Lighting Control

Between holiday schedules, one-off events, and evolving business hours, commercial buildings frequently need to adjust their outdoor lighting schedules to cater to customers. In some cases, this is still a time-consuming manual process in which a facility manager or frontline worker needs to be on-site to update schedules.

Take the hassle out of parking lot lighting, signage, entrance lighting, and more by installing an ETW Series control. Once installed and configured, the Wi-Fi controls provide 24/7 remote access via the Intermatic Connect app, which allows users to manually turn circuits ON/OFF or adjust schedules in minutes as long as they have cellular service.

Indoor Lighting Control

In sprawling municipal and industrial facilities, it’s normal to have a mix of scheduled circuits (e.g., common areas, lobbies, shared workspaces) and simple in-wall switches (e.g., offices, storage areas). The ETW Series offers an easy-to-manage, energy-efficient solution for creating lighting schedules in those shared areas.

Helpful features like the ability to label circuits in the Intermatic Connect app during setup avoids headaches down the road when circuit schedules need to be adjusted or manually turned ON or OFF. Similarly, visual “blink warn” cues alert workers whenever an OFF event is approaching, allowing them time to adjust schedules or turn on different circuits, if needed.

Motor and Pump Control

While the ETW Series makes for a versatile lighting control solution, it can also serve an essential role in managing pump and motor schedules. From water treatment to exhaust fans, the Wi-Fi controls make it easy to create 365-day ON/OFF schedules and offer a load rating of 2 HP 240 VAC (NO).

Additionally, the device’s remote override feature, which allows facility managers to extend or override active schedules at any time via the Intermatic Connect app, can be vital when managing changes to daily operations.

Bonus: Consider Pool and Spa Applications

Have a pool, spa, or large water feature as part of your facility? Consider our pool and spa-specific PE700 Series Wi-Fi Timer, a sister solution to the ETW Series. The versatile control provides automatic input voltage selection from 120 to 277 VAC, 50/60 Hz, and is an ideal choice for ON/OFF pump control, submersible lighting control, and general-purpose lighting control applications.

Ready to get started with your next smart lighting control installation? Contact an Intermatic representative today to learn more about our full suite of advanced lighting control solutions.

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