8 Great Electrical Apps

By 2017, mobile apps will be downloaded more than 268 billion times, according to Gartner, Inc. This will make apps one of the most popular computing tools for users around the world. So we decided to spend some time searching the Web for apps that would support you in your day-to-day work activities. What we found is there seems to be an app available to assist with most any type of work process.

Since there are so many apps out there to choose from, we decided to narrow our focus down to apps that help electrical designers and installers complete their projects more efficiently. This first group of eight apps covers the topics of the NEC and other electrical code requirements, electrical design formulas, voltage drop, conduit bending, and even a solar tracker to help design PV systems.

But stay tuned for more! We found enough electrical apps during our search to serve up several more galleries in the coming weeks and months. 

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