2019 Top 10 Electrical Design Firms Photo Gallery

May 27, 2019
Find out the secrets to success of the top players in electrical design.

As we do every year, it's time to reveal EC&M's highly anticipated Top 40 electrical design firms list for 2019, ranked specifically by electrical design revenue earned in 2018. This photo gallery offers a sneak peek at the companies making it into the top 10 spots, listed in descending order. To find out more about the driving forces behind these firms' successes, details on what solidifies their position as leaders in the industry, hot and cold market trends, and what's shaping the business climate this year, read the full 2019 Top 40 Electrical Design Firms Special Report and Rankings.

The original research EC&M conducts on behalf of the Top 40 article each year has become an invaluable resource for consultants, manufacturers, and electrical design and contracting firms, making it an EC&M institution readers wait for every year.

To receive the proprietary survey for next year, contact Content Director Ellen Parson.

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