Az Construction Career Days Training

Arizona Students Inspired to Join the Construction Industry at AZCCD

Dec. 22, 2022
More than 4,400 students from 100 Arizona schools attended the 21st Annual Construction Career Days event.

Electrical contracting company Rosendin sponsored and participated in the 21st annual Arizona Construction Career Days (AZCCD), Nov. 2-3, run by the Association for Construction and Career Development to expose more young people to the various career opportunities that the construction and contracting industry has to offer.

Throughout the country, skilled tradespersons are in high demand, specifically in the electrical contracting industry. Rosendin welcomed students to its booth where they were able to gain valuable insights into what a career in the electrical field entails. Students were given access to leading-edge BIM demonstrations showing their reality augmentation process, as well as offering hands-on activities including basic electrical wiring and bending electrical conduit.

“Continued partnership with Rosendin and all the companies that represent Arizona’s diverse construction industry truly help this program thrive,” said Rose Ann Canizales, AZCCD president.  “Educating the next generation of construction professionals on potential pathways is at the forefront of Construction Career Days each year. We are thrilled to have such a great turnout at the 21st annual Construction Career Days and look forward to continuing educating students about career opportunities in the construction industry.”

This year, AZCCD welcomed more than 4,400 students from 100 schools located in 11 Arizona counties from as far as Flagstaff, the Navajo Nation, and Yuma. Rosendin was one of 78 construction companies participating under the shared goal of introducing Arizona youth to the construction industry.

“Each year, Rosendin is proud to be a part of this event to share our expertise and technology with future industry professionals,” said Ben Mlinar, Rosendin division manager. “Inspiring students through demonstrations and personal conversations allows us to show students the alternative possibilities to college. As the construction industry continues to exponentially grow across Arizona, we look toward future generations to continue building the necessary infrastructure in the state.”

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