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Power Tool Institute Launches New Training Module

Online training promotes safe use of power tools

The Power Tool Institute (PTI), a leading organization for power tool safety resources, information, and education, recently launched its new online training module, “Power Tool Safety — It’s in Your Hands,” designed to help users better understand the safe way to use power tools.

The training module is broken into sections featuring lessons on safe use, handling, storage, and transportation of power tools, including the safe use of cordless power tools. The sections include:

  • Importance of power tool safety
  • Inspection of power tools
  • Caring for power tools
  • What to do prior to using a power tool

In addition, the training module features a quiz at the end to test users’ retention of the lessons. The version with the test can be found in Videos under the Safety Education tab of the PTI website; a version without the test can be found on PTI’s YouTube channel.


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