The Top Everyday Electrician Videos of May 2024

June 13, 2024
The three videos that EC&M followers loved the most last month

We are back to bring you more popular The Everyday Electrician videos by Trevor Ottmann, president of 3/0 Electric! For those of you who may not yet have encountered him, we wanted to present some of Trevor's most popular videos from May 2024 across our social media platforms.

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Now check out the May 2024 highlights below!

Our most popular Everyday Electrician video of May — which gained almost 20,000 views across our social platforms — was this handy trick for getting a copper wire perfectly straight! Trevor actually found this tip on the internet himself and decided it was worth sharing with EC&M's social media followers. Here, he shows how he used a drill to create rigid, straight wires that not only helped Trevor create a marble run in his free time but he says can also certainly be used for exposed grounding terminations on the job site. 

You can also watch this video on TikTok or YouTube

Another reel that resonated with viewers in May was another job-site tip for electrical contractors and electricians. Here, Trevor shares how he tackled this task as a solo installer. He shows a foam piston tied to a string that is then sucked through a conduit by a vacuum cleaner — a creative method for getting this job done alone!

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The better shape you're in, the easier your job as an electrician or electrical contractor probably is! Trevor shows off one of the tougher job sites he worked at — to get to the top of this grain bin, he had to climb nearly 180 steps. In cold weather and loaded up with gear, those steps are even harder. He advises other electricians/electrical contractors to stay in shape to help make their jobs easier and safer. Take rests as needed, and don't overdo it — safety is everything.

You can also watch this clip on TikTok and YouTube.

About the Author

Trevor Ottmann

Trevor Ottmann is an electrical contractor based in southeast Nebraska. After graduating from Rock Port High School, Rock Port, Mo., in 2006, he attended Southeast Community College in Milford, Neb., to learn the electrical trade. After graduating from Milford in 2008, he joined Progressive Electric in Lincoln, Neb., where he worked from 2009 to 2018. While full time at Progressive, he started doing contract work in 2016, launching 3/0 Electric as a side business. From 2018 to 2022, he joined Capitol City Electric in Lincoln, Neb., where he joined the Local 265 Union. In November 2022, he took the plunge as a small business owner and started working full time for 3/0 Electric with his wife, Jamie, At 3/0 Electric, he mostly focuses on commercial and industrial jobs as well as agricultural electrical work. He has held an electrical contractor's license in Nebraska since 2012. He is also a firefighter for the Bennet Rural Fire District since 2021 and is a nationally registered emergency medical technician (NREMT) since June 2023. Trevor lives with his wife and daughter in Bennet, Neb.   

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