Illustrated Catastrophes, June 2011

Illustrated Catastrophes, June 2011

I found this accident scene in front of a well-known coffee shop. The damage was caused by a snow plow

Plowed Down During a Storm

I found this accident scene in front of a well-known coffee shop. The damage was caused by a snow plow. The nonmetallic raceways used for this installation do not meet the requirements of 314.23(F) for raceway-supported enclosures, with devices, luminaires, or lampholders. This section of the Code states, “An enclosure that contains a device(s), other than splicing devices, or supports a luminaire(s), lampholder, or other equipment and is supported by entering raceways shall not exceed
1,650 cm3 (100 in.3) in size. It shall have threaded entries or have hubs identified for the purpose. It shall be supported by two or more conduits threaded wrenchtight into the enclosure or hubs. Each conduit shall be secured within 450 mm (18 in.) of the enclosure.”

Screwed Up Installation

I found this rusty faceplate in a two-car garage area. It’s obvious someone modified it so he or she could secure it to the 4-in.-sq box with 8/32 screws. The person should have used a listed 4-in.-sq exposed work cover designed to be used for one duplex receptacle and a toggle switch. It’s also important to note that the existing yokes or straps are only secured with the 6/32 screws, and the sharp edges of this plate also present a hazard, as they could easily lead to bodily injury.

A couple of Code rules come to mind when reviewing this installation. Section 404.9(B) covers the grounding provisions for general-use snap switches. Section 406.5(C) focuses on receptacle mounting and states, “Receptacles mounted to and supported by a cover shall be held rigidly against the cover by more than one screw or shall be a device assembly or box cover listed and identified for securing by a single screw.”

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