Illustrated Code Catastrophes, November 2011

Illustrated Code Catastrophes, November 2011

More Code catastrophes uncovered and corrected in these faulty installations

Missing the Mark

This fitting was never designed to be used as shown — where it bonds this ferrous metal (EMT) raceway to the grounding electrode conductor for this service. Section 250.64(E) states in part, “Ferrous metal enclosures for grounding electrode conductors shall be electrically continuous from the point of attachment to cabinets or equipment to the grounding electrode and shall be securely fastened to the ground clamp or fitting. Nonferrous metal enclosures shall not be required to be electrically continuous. Ferrous metal enclosures that are not physically continuous from cabinets or equipment to the grounding electrode shall be made electrically continuous by bonding each end of the raceway or enclosure to the grounding electrode conductor. Bonding methods in compliance with 250.92(B) for installations at service equipment locations and with 250.92(B)(2) through (B)(4) for other than service equipment locations shall apply at each end and to all intervening ferrous raceways, boxes, and enclosures between the cabinets or equipment and the grounding electrode.”

Ninth Avenue Sidewalk

This flexible metal conduit (FMC) runs from a basement to the roof of a store. The circuit conductors feed electrical equipment on the rooftop. As you can see, it pops right out of the concrete sidewalk at this location.

This installation is clearly subject to damage and does not comply with the requirements of Art. 348. As noted in 348.12, FMC shall not be used in wet locations, where exposed to materials having a deteriorating effect on the installed conductors, underground or embedded in poured concrete or aggregate, or where subject to physical damage.

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