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NEC Violations Illustrated - House 1

Cracked and Split

All references are based on the 2008 edition of the NEC.

NEC Violations - House 2

“The PVC services that I installed 10 to 12 years ago are ready to fall off the sides of the buildings,” says Joseph Penachio, owner of 15 Hour Update in Peabody, Mass. “I had to replace one service because the PVC split when the service pulled off the wall. Thankfully, the last expansion clip next to the weather head in this particular location was still intact. Supposedly, these types of expansion clips are now UV rated.”

Article 352 focuses on rigid polyvinyl chloride conduit (type PVC). The listing requirements [352.6] state, “PVC conduit, factory elbows, and associated fittings shall be listed.”

Securing and supporting requirements are outlined in 352.30. “PVC conduit shall be installed as a complete system as provided in 300.18 and shall be fastened so that movement from thermal expansion or contraction is permitted. PVC conduit shall be securely fastened and supported in accordance with 352.30(A) and (B) or permitted to be unsupported in accordance with 352.30(C).”

For further information, see UL’s DZYR.GuideInfo for Rigid Nonmetallic Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 PVC Conduit, which can be found on the UL Web site at

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