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Return of Code Clusters: Not Just for Food Anymore


Code Clusters is a fond look back at some of the most interesting and outlandish Code violations published in the pages of EC&M magazine over the past 15 years — the item below is the fifth in a series of 10. Questions? Comments? We'd love to hear your feedback! Post your thoughts in the box below.

NEC Violations Illustrated - Plastic Container

Not Just for Food Anymore

All references are based on the 2008 edition of the NEC.

Keith Budka, president of Budka Electric Corp., Nesconset, N.Y., was amazed to find “a new use for Ziplock containers.” This installation is a clear violation of the Code.

As per 404.5, “Time switches, flashers, and similar devices shall be of the enclosed type or shall be mounted in cabinets or boxes or equipment enclosures. Energized parts shall be barriered to prevent operator exposure when making manual adjustments or switching.”

An exception notes, “Devices mounted so they are accessible only to qualified persons shall be permitted without barriers, provided they are located within an enclosure such that any energized parts within 152 mm (6.0 inches) of the manual adjustment or switch are covered by suitable barriers.”

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