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Video Shows 'Egregious' Violations in Million-Dollar Home

There were Code violations at almost every point of contact, the contractor said.

An electrical contractor in California received a routine service call to troubleshoot some lighting and receptacle problems in a single-family home. What he found was far from typical. The home was valued at $1.9 million on Zillow as of January 2017, according to the contractor.

The contractor, from Bay Area Electric, shared his findings in a video, which included junction boxes with no covers and a lack of bonding connections to name just a few. He said the job was "the most egregious of jobs that had been permitted, inspected, and passed by a city building department."

The work was done by employees of a general contractor, and they "wear many hats." Other violations included a lack of NM Type cable connectors at junction boxes, lack of receptacles where required, incorrect type of luminaires in closets, improperly sized junction boxes, circuit breaker sizes that didn’t match the conductor size, missing grounds at luminaires, and non-IC rated luminaires installed in an insulated attic space.

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