flexible cord with dried out jacket

What’s Wrong Here? Hint: Failed Flexible Cord

July 27, 2023
Think you know how this installation violates the NEC?

Hint: Failed flexible cord

The jacket of this flexible cord is dried out and split wide open! Section 400.3 requires flexible cords and flexible cables to be suitable for the conditions and location. This cord is exposed to sunlight, rain, freezing cold winter temperatures, and super-hot summer heat too! All those weather extremes have taken a severe toll on the condition of this cord. Water can now seep inside the cord and wreak havoc with connections inside the box and connected equipment. Note 9 for Table 400.4 indicates that cords rated for outdoor use are designated with the suffix “W” after the Code type designation. This “W” marking also indicates that the cord is sunlight resistant. Cords such as SOOW and SJOOW are an example of outdoor rated cords. The cord in this photo is so badly damaged I was unable to read any markings on the jacket. In any case, this damaged cord needs to be replaced ASAP!

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