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What’s Wrong Here? Hint: Problematic Pole Wiring

Nov. 22, 2023
Think you know how this installation violates the NEC?

Hint: Problematic pole wiring.

The rigid PVC conduit installed on this pole does not seem so rigid where it is bending off the pole. One of the causes for this is the fact that there is no PVC expansion fitting installed on this riser. Section 352.44 requires expansion fittings to be used where the length change due to thermal expansion and contraction is ¼ in. or greater in accordance with Table 352.44(A) in straight runs between securely mounted items such as boxes, enclosures, and elbows. An outside run this long would most likely experience a length change greater than ¼ in. since the temperature change in this New England location could easily be 100°F or more! Another noticeable problem is the lack of clips on this run. There are not nearly enough clips installed here. Table 352.30(B) requires clips or other supports for Rigid PVC conduit in sizes ½ in. through 1 in. to be space at intervals not exceeding 3 ft.

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Russ started in the electrical trade as an apprentice in 1985. He worked his way up to become a Journeyman Electrician and then eventually became a Master Electrician and Licensed Construction Supervisor. In 1999 Russ become an Electrical Instructor for The Peterson School of Engineering in Massachusetts where he developed his passion for teaching, and quickly became Department Head of Electrical Instruction. Russ has taught thousands of apprentices, electricians, engineers, inspectors, and other electrical professionals during his career as an instructor. He continues to provide electrical professionals with Electrical Code seminars, Arc-Flash Awareness training seminars and educational material through his LeBlanc Consulting Services in North Reading, MA whose specialty is educating electricians. He has been an active member of the NFPA Electrical Section and has authored hundreds of National Electrical Code proposals and comments which have become Code rules to improve the safety for the electrical industry. Russ is also an IAEI certified Electrical Inspector.

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