The Best of the Worst: 2015’s Most Interesting What’s Wrong Here Photos

Jan. 8, 2016
10 Code Violations photos that stood out the most in 2015

What's wrong here? That's a question EC&M followers are certainly no stranger to answering. So many Code violations, so many photos — yet they just keep coming. NEC Consultant Russ LeBlanc continues to surprise and amaze us with a seemingly unlimited supply of electrical blunders from the field that violate the National Electrical Code.

Because these photos are so popular and often so bizarre, the EC&M staff decided it would be worthwhile to assemble our favorites in one place. So here you have, in no particular order, the "best of the worst" What's Wrong Here photos from 2015. Read each hint, click the next slide, and then see analysis from Russ on each violation. 

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