What's Wrond Here?

What’s Wrong Here? Hint: Exit, Stage Left

Hint: Exit, stage left

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I spotted this situation in the backstage area of a theater. There a numerous cords, conductors and cables secured to plumbing pipes, electrical metallic tubing (EMT) and other pipes, with the whole messy group going down through a hole in the floor located right near a high traffic entry/exit door space. These cables, cords and other conductors all showed signs of being stepped on, crushed, nicked, and otherwise being beaten up.

Section 300.4 simply and clearly states that conductors, raceways and cables must be provided with protection where subject to physical damage. I would certainly think that should apply here, especially after seeing all the damage up close.

Securing cables, cords, and conductors to the exterior of the EMT, which is run on the wall, would generally be considered a violation of Sec. 300.11(C). Section 800.133(B) prohibits communication wires or cables from secured, strapped or attached by any means to the exterior of any raceways.

Another problem is the plumbing pipes located directly below the panelboard. This space is dedicated for electrical installations and the plumbing pipes being located here violates Sec. 110.26(E)(1)(a).

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