Hint: Not a bundle of joy

What’s Wrong Here? Hint: Not a Bundle of Joy

Think you know how this installation violates the NEC?

Hint: Not a bundle of joy

See the answer below.









This is not a bundle of joy. It is more like a bundle of horrors. There are fire alarm cables, Type NM cables, MC cables, audio cables, communication cables, thermostat cables and every other type of cable in this messy bundle. It’s also located right next to the entry door for this electric room.

The MC cables are not properly supported as required by Sec. 330.30. The unsupported NM cables violate the requirements of Sec. 334.30. These cables are all being used as supporting means for each other, which is a violation of Sec. 300.11(D). We could also make a strong argument that these cables are exposed to physical damage and should be protected as specified in Sec. 300.4. The giant holes punched through the sheetrock and the bricks to run the cables through leaves a gaping violation of the firestopping requirements of Sec. 300.21. Section 760.24(A) requires fire alarm cables to be supported by the building structure in a manner that cables won’t be damaged, including protection as required by Sec. 300.4(D). The Class 2 thermostat cables are required to be installed neat and workmanlike in a manner that they won’t be damaged either. I think it’s pretty obvious this job needs a complete re-do.

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