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What’s Wrong Here? Hint: Raceway Redo

Hint: Raceway redo

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These installers may need to re-read the rules for raceway installations. Although making a surface extension of wiring from a cover is permitted by the exception in Sec. 314.22 of the 2017 NEC, this section also requires the use of flexible wiring methods of sufficient length to be used so the cover can still be removed to access the interior of the box. This installer used EMT as his surface extension from the round box cover. How can we access the wiring inside the box now? We would need to remove or loosen some clips and connectors to pull the raceway out of our way. Flexible wiring would allow us to remove the cover much more easily — and do so without removing clips, couplings, or connectors.

The square box has some problems too, the most noticeable of which is the lack of proper supports. Section 358.12(2) prohibits EMT from being used to support luminaires or other equipment, except conduit bodies. The 4-in. square box is not a conduit body, and cannot be supported by EMT. Section 314.23 has many requirements for properly supporting boxes, but none of those rules permit the use of EMT for the support of boxes.

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