What's Wrong Here?

What’s Wrong Here? Hint: Sun- and Water-Damaged Disaster

Hint: sun- and water-damaged disaster

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This installer ignored lots of rules including Sec. 300.3(A), which requires single conductors to be used only when installed in a Chapter 3 wiring method. Section 300.11(D) prohibits cables from being used as a means of support for other cables, raceways or non-electric equipment. Attaching these single conductors to the SE cable on the left violates the intent of that Section. Making splices for SE cable without being installed in an enclosure is a violation of Sec. 300.15. The wire connectors are neither sunlight resistant as required by Sec. 300.6(C)(1) nor are they identified for use in the outdoor wet location as required by Sec. 110.11. The single insulated conductors are also required to be a type listed for use in wet locations as specified in Sec. 310.10(C). Since these conductors are exposed to the sun they must also be listed as being sunlight resistant or covered with tape or sleeves that are listed as being sunlight resistant. If this is a temporary installation, all the rules for permanent wiring installations must be followed as specified in Sec. 590.2(A) unless Art. 590 allows alternatives. None of the rules I have mentioned here are modified by Art. 590 for this installation.

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