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Whats Wrong Here?

Whats Wrong Here?

How well do you know the Code? Think you can spot violations the original installer either ignored or couldn't identify? Here's your chance to moonlight as an electrical inspector and second-guess someone else's work from the safety of your living room or office. Joe Tedesco, who has a knack for finding shoddy electrical work, did the dirty work and found this mess. Now it's your turn to identify the violation.


Find the Answer

This walkway lighting system must have been installed by someone who was not familiar with the accepted methods used in the electrical industry. Open nonmetallic conduit of this type with energized and exposed supply conductors shows no knowledge of electrical safety or Code requirements.


Underground sections of conduit buried to proper depths (according to 300.5) and extended into the bottom of the pole (where the splices will be accessible) would have been the proper way to supply this lighting unit. See 410.30(B) for a list of the six requirements that must be met when installing metal poles to support luminaires (i.e., lighting fixtures) and serve as a raceway to enclose supply conductors.

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