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What's Wrong Here?

What's Wrong Here?

Hint: The case of the undressed current transformers.



Keith Hall, President of K. K. Hall, Inc. in Clayton, Ind., recently performed a fire investigation at a structure adjacent to a boiler room. He submitted these comments.

“Although these photos were taken in the boiler room, this equipment had nothing to do with the cause of the fire. Notice the current transformers at the bottom of the 480V, 3-phase panel. This panel is fed at 400A from a load center located in another building at this same facility. The meter is not a utility meter, and I assume it was installed to track power usage by the boiler and its support equipment. I did not remove the panel cover so I can shed no light on the interior wiring arrangement.” The list of Code violations associated with this particular installation is too numerous to mention. Let’s just say, this is what you get when an unqualified person finishes the job.

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