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What's Wrong Here? Hint: No Water, Please

What's Wrong Here? Hint: No Water, Please

Can you identify the Code violation(s) in this photo?

How well do you know the Code? Think you can spot violations the original installer either ignored or couldn't identify? Here's your chance to moonlight as an electrical inspector and second-guess someone else's work from the safety of your living room or office. It's your turn to identify the violation.


Hint: no water, please


Find the Answer

"Over the years that I have been in the trade, I have seen many things," says Steve Rosenblum, an electrical inspector for the city of Newark, N.J. "Today, I saw a really good one." He continues. "A contractor called my office and said he would like to setup a service inspection. I said I would stop by and asked him to please have the panels open so I could see everything. When I arrived, this is the mess I found. I gave him an 'A' for ingenuity, but I still failed the job. I love the way he used the plumbing pipe."

The use of plumbing pipe, fittings, or elbows shown here or in any other electrical installation is not an acceptable wiring method, according to Sec. 110.8 of the NEC. "Only wiring methods recognized as suitable are included in this Code. The recognized methods of wiring shall be permitted to be installed in any type of building or occupancy, except as otherwise provided in this Code."

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