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Maximizing Electrical Power Reliability Starts with Commissioning and Acceptance Testing

Oct. 26, 2023
Safe reliable power is the goal of every professional responsible for the design, installation, and maintenance of electrical power systems.

The commissioning of newly-installed electrical power systems can be a complex task if one does not understand the critical elements necessary to execute an effective and comprehensive commissioning plan. Whether the owner or the specifying engineer, it is arguably one of the most important aspects in the completion of a project.

Acceptance testing tasks are very important, and provide the data necessary to assure that electrical equipment has been installed properly and is functioning as intended and designed.  But will it all work in concert and in accordance to the basis of design?

  • Commissioning is critical for all new or retrofit installation projects to verify the correct system operation to the design and ensure safe and reliable operation of the system.
  •  Acceptance tests and commissioning provide baseline results for the routine maintenance of the system and related components.
  •  And most importantly – properly performed acceptance testing and commissioning is critical to a facility’s electrical safety.

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