Animal Control

As summer gives way to fall, animals start looking for winter homes

As summer gives way to fall, animals start looking for winter homes. These include birds, squirrels, mice, raccoons, and snakes. You don't want them making their homes in your facility or equipment.

Control methods to consider include:

  • Food control. Don't attract animals with food. Keep dumpster lids tight and empty trash barrels daily.
  • Nesting materials. Leaving fibrous materials around the outside of your facility makes it more convenient to build nests in your facility.
  • Access removal. Trim trees back from the building so animals can't jump to the roof. Remove materials that can be used to climb, such as rolls of fencing.
  • Physical barriers. Secure intake and exhaust vents with bird spikes, bird netting, bird screens, or sticky gels. These also work for small rodents.
  • Visual deterrents. The scarecrow has morphed into an industrial product. Ask your industrial products distributor about current offerings.
  • Sound deterrents. Ultrasonic devices irritate varmints and help keep them away.
  • Smell/taste deterrents. Chemical scent barriers around your perimeter can prevent pests from entering.
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