April 2005 Products of the Week

April 2005 Products of the Week


Designed for CCTV and analog and digital video applications, the CM-rated Mini-Coax cable is lightweight, flexible, and compact. The cable contains a 25 AWG solid copper conductor, foam dielectric, 95% bare copper braid shielding, and FR-PVC jacket.


For more information, visit www.uniprisesolutions.com.

Compact starter module

Available in three frame sizes and 11 models, the CSX compact starter module series features LED status indicators and main contactor relay output. The module accommodates a power range of 18A to 200A and 200VAC to 575VAC. It includes integral Run Duty-rated bypass that allows it to be installed into switchboards or motor control cubicles with the need for extra ventilation or external bypass contactors.


For more information, visit www.saftronics.com.

Wire-pulling tool

Available in various sizes, the Wire Snagger is a wire-pulling tool for electrical contractors. Machined from solid high-temperature stainless steel, the tools connects to clevis, and its low profile fits 4-in. conduit. It doesn’t bend or require lubricant, and no taping, stripping, trimming or tying is necessary

BendyCo Inc.

For more information, visit www.bendyco.com.

Handheld OTDR

Available in FTTX and quad wavelengths, the Mini-OTDR is a fully functioning certification OTDR when used with this company’s certification software. The OTDR measures 7.1 in. x 4.6 in. x 3 in. and tests at 850 nm, 1,300 nm, 1,490 nm, and 1,550 nm wavelengths. It displays and stores traces in the field then downloads them to a PC for further analysis and printing of the certifying documents.

Fiber Instrument Sales

For more information, visit www.fiberinstrumentsales.com.

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