August 2004 Products of the Week

August 2004 Products of the Week

Portable light and battery pack

The Handi-Light and battery combo pack delivers as many as five hours of continuous light. The portable light features a replaceable 13W, 12V twin tube fluorescent lamp and a solid-state ballast that’s protected against surges as high as 18V. It’s available with a 20-ft yellow cord or a 1-ft to 5-ft coil cord, all of which have a male lighter plug that connects with the battery pack. The light is equipped with a single metal hook that can be attached to a belt or a shoulder strap for hands-free operation. The battery pack is equipped with a female 12V outlet and weighs 5.75 lb. It comes with a detachable charger, a nylon battery case and belt, and a 60-in. shoulder strap.


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Surge protective devices

Available in two models, these panel-mounted surge protective devices (SPDs) are designed for facilities with 3-phase, wye-configured systems that require surge protection for all seven modes in the AC distribution network. Both models have a parallel-operated design that includes metal-oxide varistors that are 40 mm in diameter, and EMI/RFI filter circuitry with high-voltage-rise capacitors for harmonic tolerance. The units can be flush- or surface-mounted, and they’re available with brackets that permit any type of installation, including flat or side mounting to studs. They feature a viewing window on the cover that enables users to verify the status of all modes, low-clamping and high-surge current performance, real-time diagnostics that monitor power and suppression status for each phase, LED indicators, and an audible alarm.


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Circuit mapper system

The CMT24S Circuit Mapper System tests as many as 96 circuit breakers concurrently and allows users to identify which breakers or fuses are feeding specific branch circuits. The transmitter clamp leads send 24 separate digital signals, per transmitter, to live or dead lines with equipment still connected, and the receiver digitally indicates the appropriate circuit number when the probe makes contact with an outlet, switch, or any other electrical connection. The set includes a transmitter, receiver, 24 circuit clamps, batteries, a circuit identification pad, carrying case, and a manual.


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Fused probes

The CT3220 series of high-capacity fused probes feature a plastic probe body and a Type CC ceramic fuse. With 2A, 6A, 10A, or 15A, the probes are available as a standard body with a 4-mm sheathed jack or as a body with lead wire. The probes include IP2X user protection, an open fuse indicator light, and rupture current protection as high as 200,000A. They’re available in black or red.

Cal Test Electronics

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Delineation light

LightMark is an LED-based delineation lighting product that replaces neon in signage and corporate imaging. The lights are available in 5-ft and 10-ft strands or field-cut variable units that are modifiable on site. They deliver energy savings as high as 90% and use a 24VDC source and non-flammable materials. The lights come in red, green, blue, orange, and yellow and have a potential life of 10 years or more with little maintenance required.

TIR systems

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