August 2005 Products of the Week

August 2005 Products of the Week

Arc extinguishing system

Through high-speed sensing of current and flash, the Arc Terminator extinguishes arcs in medium-voltage switchgear in less than 0.004 seconds before pressure can reach dangerous levels. The device can protect as many as 10 breakers, using optical and current sensors to detect arc formation. It can be installed in both this company’s and other companies’ switchgear.

Square D

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Arc flash warning device

The VoltageVision power warning alert device is mounted to the outside of a panel and hardwired to the load side of the main disconnect, thereby providing external LED indication of voltage inside electrical system enclosures. The device provides on/off voltage indication, thereby verifying that an electrically safe work condition exists before an electrician opens an electrical enclosure. It detects AC and DC voltage and operates from 40VAC-750VAC/30VDC-1,000VDC.

Grace Engineered Products

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Conduit cutter

The 8600 conduit cutter’s patented cutting wheel and shoulder combination not only eliminate burrs on the inside of conduit after it’s cut but also prevents the tool from cutting through the conduit wall. Designed for ½-inch and ¾-inch EMT, the 8600 works like other conduit cutters by alternately tightening the cutter wheel and turning the cutter around the conduit. When the cut is deep enough to reach the shoulder on the cutter wheel, though, it can be removed and the conduit can be snapped in two. It’s also designed for cutting conduit that already has wire installed because it won’t penetrate the conduit wall and damage wire insulation.


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Home automation cable

Type 1243 home automation cable is specifically designed for the intelligent home and SOHO work environment. The cable features 18 AWG copper pair and shielded 22 AWG copper pair for data. Jacketed with flame-resistant PVC, the cable is compatible with most home automation applications, including lighting systems, computer multimedia, security, high-speed Internet, telephony, energy management, and cable and DBS television.


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Combined motor controllers and disconnects

Rated to withstand 10,000A high-fault short circuits, the Circuit-Lock is a combination of manual motor controllers and disconnects in one switch. The device is placed between the load center and the motor, and it allows the user to terminate circuit power at the motor for servicing without shutting down the entire line. It’s available as a component switch or pre-assembled into a variety of NEMA-rated enclosures.

Hubbell Wiring Device

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