Cameras & Imaging Equipment

Cameras & Imaging Equipment

6. Extech Instruments: HDV640W Hi-Def Wireless Articulating Videoscope

Extech’s durable new HDV640W high-definition wireless articulating videoscope camera features a 5.7 inch / 145mm display, 4mm-6mm LED-illuminated optics, and SD storage for JPEGs or video, plus audio notes. A glove-friendly controller handset with 320˚ articulated probe and wireless connectivity (10m range) simplifies inspections. The Extech is designed for durability with a rugged waterproof and drop-proof design.
Functions & Specs:
· Videoscope provides inspection capabilities in concealed areas, pipelines, conduits and other hard-to-inspect areas
· Waterproof display unit with 145mm screen offers HD 640x480 pixel resolution
· Records 15,000 JPEG images or up to 4 hours AVI video on an SD card
· Records audio comments on video inspections
· 1 meter semi-rigid inspection camera probe is attached to a wireless handset
· Wireless handset transmits images to display unit (10m) and controls articulated probe with large knob
· Images/video can also be transmitted wireless to a computer for viewing, recording, or web streaming
· 6 mm macro lens articulating camera probe moves 320° (160° left, 160° right) to increase viewing angles
· Upgradeable design accepts additional probes in lengths up to 30m, with macro and long-focus optics from 4 mm to 25 mm diameter
· Additional wired and wireless handsets can be added
Innovations: Extech HDV640W introduces several new innovations, making it the first product of its kind in several respects:
· First High Definition wireless videoscope
· First completely waterproof and drop-proof (2 meters) videoscope display unit
· First videoscope to offer inspections streamed via internet
· Over 15 optional probes available to expand functionality when job changes

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7. FLIR: E-60 Wi-Fi Infrared Camera

The FLIR E60 compact thermal imaging camera offering superior infrared diagnostic capabilities coupled with industry-first innovations like Wi-Fi connectivity to mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads. Leveraging decades of global leadership in infrared technology, the FLIR E60 introduces a mix of professional-grade specifications and all-new features designed to redefine the compact, point-and-shoot thermal imaging camera market: Superior Thermal Imaging: 76,800 pixels (320 × 240) IR resolution coupled with 2% accuracy, <0.05˚C thermal sensitivity, 4x digital zoom, and 60Hz refresh rate for unbeatable detail and the highest level of point-and-shoot image quality available. 3.1MP Digital Camera: Use the built-in LED lamp and visual camera with 3 megapixel resolution to capture crisply detailed visible light images even in poorly-lit sites. Wide 3.5 inch Full-View Touchscreen: Brighter than other brands, the E60 wide touchscreen displays images using the entire screen, with no cropping, while offering the industry’s most intuitive and easy-to-use control interface. Wi-Fi Connectivity: Send images and data to mobile devices like an iPhone or iPad to share reports and critical information quickly. Scalable P-i-P and Thermal Fusion: Add compelling context to your images by overlaying thermal and visible images using picture-in-picture and blended fusion capabilities. For identifying electrical, mechanical, or building envelope issues, the affordable FLIR E60 camera quickly pays for itself by revealing problems such as a faulty motor or bearing, before a failure or expensive tear-down occurs.

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8. Milwaukee Tool: M-Spector 360 Rotating Inspection Scope

The Milwaukee 2313-21 M-Spector 360 Rotating Inspection Scope features a ground-breaking rotating display enabling the user to orient the image without having to fight the cable.With unmatched image control, clarity and brightness, the Milwaukee 2313-21 M-Spector 360 delivers a unique solution to improve the productivity of any professional. MSRP: $199

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9. Milwaukee Tool: M12 160x120 Thermal Imager

The 2260-21 M12 160x120 Thermal Imager is faster, more versatile and easier to use than any other tool in its class. The M12 160x120 Thermal Imager comes as a complete kit including a professional thermal imager with 160x120 pixel resolution, a simple and powerful Thermal Imager Software to quickly generate reports and leverages Milwaukee's M12 battery system for quick charging and easy field replacement. MSRP: $2500

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