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10. Design Master Software: Design Master Electrical 8.0 Software

Design Master Electrical 8.0 is an upgrade to Design Master Electrical that was released on March 8, 2011. The major new benefit included in this release is support for 3D-BIM projects. This benefit is provided by two new features: IFC Export and 3D Conduits and Cable Trays. IFC Export: The 3D models created in Design Master Electrical 8.0 can be exported in IFC format. These IFC files can then be read in to Revit, Navisworks, Archicad, and any other 3D modeling program the architect might be using. Once in the other program, the model can be checked against the architect's model and any other discpline's model that was created in 3D. Using this vendor-neutral format allows users to work with all of the different BIM programs available to architects. They are not locked into working only on projects that use a specific architectural package. 3D Conduits and Cable Trays: This new release adds conduit and cable tray drafting features. These features are used to model these elements in 3D for inclusion in the model that is exported to an IFC file. Hanger locations can be specified to make sure that there are no conflicts with the electrical hangers and the other building elements. All of the other elements in a building electrical design, such as panels, light fixtures, receptacles, and clearances for those devices, were able to be modeled in 3D in previous versions of Design Master Electrical. They are all included in the export to the IFC file for checking against other models. Design Master Electrical 8.0 runs inside of AutoCAD, which is a familiar interface for most engineers and designers. It is not necessary to learn a whole new program in order to create 3D models. Working in AutoCAD allows the user to continue to benefit from their years of AutoCAD experience and use all of their existing customization. We interviewed one of our customers about their use of Design Master Electrical, including the new 3D modeling features. The full story of how they're using our product is available on our website. Customer Reviews
Design Master Electrical 8.0 also includes a number of other new features to support the rest of the electrical design process. A complete list of these features can be found on our website. Design Master Electrical 8.0 Features Design Master Electrical 8.0 is available for a yearly subscription of $840. Subscription Information

11. Leviton: Structured Media Center Planning Worksheet

Leviton Network Solutions, a division of Leviton Manufacturing Inc., launched a new Structured Media Center Planning Worksheet to help contractors, distributors, and homeowners design their structured wiring networks. The new online resource incorporates all of a homeowners connected devices – from HDTVs and VoIPs to gaming consoles and streaming audio and video – and provides a practical solution for today’s ultra-connected lifestyle. The Structured Media Center Planning Worksheet allows users to specify the device details of their space – type of television service, number of data locations, type of audio system, home theater arrangement, and type of security system. Based on this information, Leviton provides a customized bill of materials with complete product summaries, including the enclosure, routers, distribution boards, power supplies, and patch cables needed to quickly install their custom network. Both standard and premium network gear is available, so users can determine what capacity for growth they want to include. Leviton utilizes a Structured Cabling System to build each specific communication and entertainment network. The centrally located system is designed to organize, manage and distribute connectivity technologies – voice, data, audio and video – throughout the home. A free resource, the Structured Media Planning Worksheet can be accessed from Completed forms are personally reviewed by a member of Leviton’s Technical Service Department, who provide detailed product and purchase options to the customer within one business day. Structured Media Center Planning Worksheet Information

12. Simutech Multimedia: Troubleshooting PLC Circuits 1

Focusing on troubleshooting Programmable Logic Controller systems, not programming them, Troubleshooting PLC Circuits 1 is a simulation-based software program designed to train maintenance personnel who are required to troubleshoot and maintain electrical equipment and systems containing PLC controls.
Training with Troubleshooting PLC Circuits 1 will help users better understand PLCs. With in-depth video tutorials they will learn about the components that make up PLCs, how they operate, and how to interpret ladder diagrams. Using highly detailed simulations of electrical circuits, the program features a series of 13 lab circuits for exploring and learning about PLCs, a basic circuit with 12 practice troubleshooting exercises and faults, and three full simulation troubleshooting environments with over 55 malfunctions to diagnose and repair, ranging from basic to genius difficulty levels. Troubleshooting PLC Circuits 1 offers trainers and supervisors the opportunity to provide hands-on training for their staff without the hazards of working on live equipment, eliminating the chance of personal injury or equipment damage. It also gives them the ability to monitor user progress and perform detailed evaluations to ensure that everyone learns the skills they need. The software comes in two editions for use in industry applications. Pro Edition: $695 USD for a single standalone computer installation. Enterprise Edition: $995 USD for a single standalone computer installation or a one concurrent user server installation. Also includes an Instructor Guide that explains the software, how to incorporate the software into a training course, a list of all the faults, and copies of all the diagrams used in the program. In addition, it comes with the Simutech Course Manager administration program which allows for user management, tracking user progress, generating reports, changing program options and creating customized testing.

Important Links:

Troubleshooting PLC Circuits 1 Product Information
Troubleshooting PLC Circuits 1 Video

13. Trade Service: Submittal Manager

Submittal Manager is an online program that allows electrical contractors to build a submittal from start to finish in less than half the time it takes to do one the traditional way. Not only is it the only submittal software designed specifically for electrical contractors, but it does something no other submittal software can do - it does most of the work for you. Simply upload an item list and Submittal Manager will match it against the 350,000 catalog page library to automatically find and add corresponding pages to the submittal. This automation reduces the time it takes to create submittals by up to 75% and saves the user from having to contact countless manufacturers to get updated catalog pages. The catalog page library is kept constantly updated by the Trade Service team which has been working with data since 1931. Submittal Manager also automatically classifies documents to the industry standard CSI MasterFormat, includes comprehensive mark-up tools, and formatting options that allow you to add page numbers, approval stamps, and company logos to every page. This product makes an extremely laborious task quite a bit easier thereby increasing staff resources. MSRP: Subscription-based product with a $750 one-time software license fee and monthly update fee of $84.95 for one user (corporate and single-site licenses also available)

Important Links:
Product Page
Product Demo

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