Conduit, Raceways & Wireways

Conduit, Raceways & Wireways

14. Legrand: Delta Strut

Delta Strut for Rooftop Arrays integrates solar panel support framing and cable management into ONE support for fast installation. The welded-wire, open structure reduces wind drag and keeps cables close to the panels reducing exposure to wind and UV. Delta Strut is tested to withstand 150 mph winds and extreme snow loads.

Important Links:
Delta Strut Information
Video: How to Install Delta Strut

15. MonoSystems, Inc.: AdvanceWay AW33 PVC Surface Raceway

When you need a multi-compartment raceway solution that offers beauty and also delivers the physical requirements needed to manage high performance data and power connectors and cables, AdvanceWay leads the way. With a cutting edge design that's incredibly easy to install and universal acceptance of devices from all manufacturers, this amazing, patent-pending raceway delivers aesthetically as well as functionally. Features and Benefits:
  • Balances the dual need for aesthetic appeal and requirements of TIA Draft 569-C
  • Patented, the only raceway to address all Division 26, 27 & 28 needs
  • Accommodates all high performance connectors (i.e. 10-gig, AV, HDMI, etc.)
  • Accommodates the specified bend radius of all high performance cables (i.e. Cat 6a, Cat. 6, etc.)
  • Accommodates most power devices
  • Universal acceptance of devices from all manufacturers
  • Accommodates multiple applications
  • Small and sleek
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Multi-compartment
  • Ease of raceway installation
  • Device boxes can be positioned above and below raceway
Important Links:
AdvanceWay™ AW33 PVC Raceway -
MonoSystems - Manufacturers and Distributors of Wire Management Systems (AdvanceWay video in mid screen)

16. Snake Tray: Double Tier Snake Tray

Snake Tray is pleased to announce the new double tier, hand bendable cable tray to manage both MC and Datacom cables all-in-one code compliant cable tray system. This tray is specifically designed for concrete deck installations with or without integrated concrete pins for loaded shot installation. Save time and money by installing one Snake Tray to better manage MC and Datacom cables. Double Tier Snake Tray Product Information
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