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Connectors & Terminating Devices

Connectors & Terminating Devices

17. Burndy: Super-Clamp Ground Connector

The BURNDY SUPER-CLAMP, Raised Floor Pedestal Ground Connector, is a multi-functional, easy to install, range taking ground connector. The GXP1828RF grounding clamp accepts an extensive range of pedestal types as well as conductors. The accepted pedestal range is ¾ inch through 2 inch, for use with either round and square styles (7/8 inch – 2 inch round; ¾ inch – 1-1/2 inch square). The wire range is #6 solid to 4/0 stranded. The wires can be arranged in parallel or in a cross grid configuration and can accept 1 or 2 wires. The GXP style clamp is easy to install using ½ inch socket type tools, including a nut driver, drill (cordless/corded), traditional socket set, and open ended or adjustable wrenches. The “open face” design makes this connector very easy to install onto a pedestal without the need to disassemble u-bolts or other hardware first. The clamp is cULus Listed, meeting the requirement of UL and CSA. A high copper alloy body ensures excellent conductivity and the hardware is made of stainless steel. This connector is also rated for Direct Burial. The versatile nature of this connector makes it an excellent choice for applications that require multiple conductor sizes and configurations. MSRP is $110. Video: Super-Clamp Ground Connector

18. Erico: Mesh Bonding Network Connector

The Mesh Bonding Network Connector (MBNC) from ERICO allows for fast, simple and economical field connection of grounding and bonding wires. In addition to cross-wire bonding connections, the MBNC can accommodate additional pigtails that can be used to connect to building steel and equipment. The heavy-duty MBNC clamp features stainless steel hardware that is suitable for direct burial. It can be used with Universal Pedestal Clamp for bonding to various pedestal sizes for mesh bonding networks. The MBNC is NEC Article 250 code compliant and is UL 467 Listed. MSRP: $4.36/each Datasheet: Mesh Bonding Network Connector

19. ILSCO: NIMBUS4FLEX Connector

NIMBUS4FLEX now accommodates the broadest range and size of conductor types, giving the marketplace the greatest flexibility of any pre-insulated product on the market today. The broad wire range accommodates from 750kcmil / 535.3 DLO - #14 AWG. Most pre-insulated products are limited to 350kcmil. NIMBUS4FLEX accepts B,C,H,I,K,M and DLO conductor classes and is currently available in 2, 3, 4 or 6 ports configurations. UL Listed, CSA Certified and dual rated for copper or aluminum conductors. Applications include motor leads, control panels, wiring trough, industrial and commercial construction. NIMBUS4FLEX Connector Product Information

20. ILSCO: SGB-4 Connector

The SGB-4 lay-in aluminum connector is designed to prevent galvanic reaction and enhance conductivity. It is UL 467 Listed and CSA Certified and accommodates 4 – 14 AWG. Dual rated for copper or aluminum conductor. Electro-tin plated for low contact resistance. Features stainless hardware. SGB-4 meets ASTM B117-09 for operating in a salt spray (fog) environment which simulates outdoor use. SGB-4 Connector Product Information

21. Thomas & Betts: Color-Keyed Insulated Lugs

Color-Keyed Insulated Lugs from Thomas & Betts reduce installation time and cost by eliminating the task of covering the lug with tape, heat-shrink or cold-shrink insulation after installation. The translucent nylon sleeves provide excellent dielectric strength and insulating properties, while keeping the color-coded barrel easily visible. Color-Keyed Insulated Lugs Product Information
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