Controllers & Relays

Controllers & Relays

22. I-Gard: Sentri Ground-Fault Relay

Sentri Ground-Fault Relay The Sentri provides a total solution and coordination with 40 trip levels form 100mA up to 1200 A. This versatile relay can be used in both solidly grounded and resistance grounded systems. Too often, systems are protected with just one relay on the main service breaker, which leads to power interruption of the entire service if a ground fault occurs at any location. Consequently, in an effort to minimize disruptions, the protection on the main breaker is often set to maximum pickup and delay setting, or worse, disconnected entirely. This can lead to substantial equipment damage, due to increased clearing time. Minimizing damage, downtime and maintaining service, I-Gard provides the Sentri relay with integral zone selective instantaneous protection to protect systems, at LV and MV system levels, with optimized coordination. Maximum protection with minimum service disruption. In addition to ground fault, the Sentri relay provides three optical sensor inputs. Optical inputs monitor for arc flash upon which the relay trips with under 1 msec. Three separate trip relays correspond to the three flash sensor inputs. These three relays are a combination of Solid State technology which can achieve trip speeds of less than 1 ms (it takes 300ms to blink) as well as dry contact relays used as a backup. The Sentri can be used to monitor leakage current and provide indication when that current exceeds a pre-set level. The relay can also be connected to an mGard-SYM remote indicator (with MODBUS connectivity) for remote indication, test, reset and setup. Sentri Ground-Fault Relay Product Information

23. Littelfuse: PGR-8800 Arch-Flash Relay

The Littelfuse PGR-8800 Arc-Flash Relay protects personnel and equipment by rapidly detecting developing Arc-Flash incidents and tripping the circuit before significant damage occurs. The PGR-8800 can detect an Arc-Flash in less than 1 msec, making it one of the fastest Arc-Flash relays on the market. It detects both current and light to minimize nuisance trips and to provide over current protection. MSRP: $2700 Video: PGR-8800 Arch-Flash Relay

24. Schneider Electric: PacDrive 3 Controller

Schneider Electric’s PacDrive 3 is the first fully Sercos III -based motion controller for multi-axes coordinated motion solutions. Based upon proven motion logic technology, the PacDrive 3 unifies PLC, motion and robotics control functionality on a single hardware platform, to enhance performance and increase scalability. With the addition of Sercos III, the logic motion controller enables communication with both drives and field devices, while integrating safety functionality. The PacDrive 3 is designed to deliver integrated control technology and allows the economical automation of both simple and highly complex machine configurations. Performance is optimized for between 4 to 99 servo axes or up to 30 robots and the system supports a wide variety of kinematic configurations that allows robotics to become an integral part of a machine’s automation architecture. Like all of the MachineStruxure solutions, the PacDrive 3 reduces design time and time to market, optimizes machine performance and energy efficiency and helps to increase profitability. Centralized system architecture makes it the ideal solution for controlling a wide range of packaging and converting machineries and helps further reduce engineering costs. Innovative drive train design, reduces cost and space requirements.
Pluggable interconnects and a quick-connect front-side bus also reduce installation costs. PacDrive 3 Controller Information

25. Schneider Electric: Harmony XB5R Wireless, Battery Free Pushbutton

Utilizing wireless technology, Schneider Electric’s Harmony XB5R Wireless, Batteryless push button is easy to install in both new and existing applications, such as bottling, packaging, and conveying lines. Now, you no longer need to pass a cable through the machine structure or cable tray to connect the push button to the electrical panel – cutting installation costs by 20% as compared to traditional wired solutions.
When the operator pushes the button, mechanical energy is transformed into electrical energy, which sends a one-time radio message to the receiver.
The batteryless solution offers permanent availability, benefits the environment, and eliminates costly battery maintenance, re-charging and recycling.
The wireless technology helps to achieve greater productivity by providing operators with greater freedom and mobility, allowing them to remotely control machines at a distance of up to 25 meters away in a metal cabinet.
Similar to other Harmony products, the wireless, batteryless push button is well-suited for harsh industrial environments where added protection of your people and machines is paramount. Harmony XB5R Wireless, Battery Free Pushbutton Information

26. Schneider Electric: Wiser Energy Management System

Schneider Electric's Wiser energy management system is a user-friendly, whole-home, energy management solution that empowers homeowners to monitor, control, and reduce home energy use through wireless inter-connectivity and real-time communication to homeowners.

Important Links:
Wiser EMS Website
Wiser EMS Consumer Brochure
Wiser EMS User & Installer Guides

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