December 2004 Products of the Week

December 2004 Products of the Week

Custom van design software

Weather Guard Vehicle Solutions software allows users to custom-design work vans with shelving, cabinets, racks, and accessories. The 3-D software produces interactive graphics to help the user visualize the custom design prior to purchase, and it stops the user from configuring the van design with products that are inappropriate for a particular vehicle model. Users can conduct a “virtual walk-through” by zooming in and out, rotating and spinning the vehicle, and changing perspectives. Once the design is complete, it can be printed out along with a corresponding list of materials or uploaded to a local upfitter for an installation quote.

Knaack Manufacturing Co.

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Cable cutter

The PowerBlade Cable Cutter drill attachment installs like a drill bit on almost any corded or uncorded drill that has a 0.375-in. drive shaft, and it can cut through 750 MCM hard-drawn copper cable or up to 1,000 MCM aluminum cable with minimal distortion. The cutter features an adjustable torque arm that holds the drill in place and a protective shield on the grip prevents accidental contact between the user’s hand and the tool.

Ideal Industries

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Fish tape power winder

The 438PW fish tape power winder adapts to this company’s 100-ft and 240-ft fish tapes and allows the user to rewind tape by using a battery drill. The winder can also be used to pull a poly pull line through conduit. The company recommends that the user rewind tape by using a drill bit that’s 14.4V or larger, as corded drills have too much torque for the winder to handle. It comes with a steel 0.37-in. hex socket that can be stored directly on the adapter.


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Grounding Connector

Manufactured from electrolytic copper, the Eritech Hammerlock grounding connector joins the grounding conductor to the ground rod with the strike of a hammer. The connection is highly conductive and designed to withstand fault currents and lightning transients. The connector is now available in a two-hole model for 6 AWG and 4 AEG solid, and a larger version of the single-hole that permits 2/0 stranded wire to be joined to 0.625-in. and 0.75-in. ground rods.


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