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December 2006 Products of the Week

December 2006 Products of the Week

Lockout/tagout software

Lockout PRO 3.0, the newest version of the company’s graphical procedure writing software, allows users to easily create and implement a complete OSHA 1910.0147-compliant hazardous energy control lockout program. Easy-to-follow lockout/tagout procedures help increase workplace efficiency and decrease injuries due to incomplete or misunderstood lockout/tagout energy control procedures. Enabling users to create customized lockout/tagout procedures in a few minutes, the program features user-friendly templates and offers access to a database of standard graphics, terms, and information. Users can easily customize each procedure and insert machine-specific images that walk workers through every part of each lockout/tagout procedure. They can also access current OSHA standards quickly to ensure their procedures are code-compliant.


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Plug-on AFCI

Eaton recently introduced cost-saving enhancements to its loadcenter designs, resulting in lower installation costs for electrical contractors, according to the company. The new patent-pending Cutler-Hammer plug-on neutral arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) reduces installation time by eliminating the extra step of wiring the neutral of the breaker to the neutral bar. This is accomplished by the addition of a metal stab on the breaker that clips onto an inboard neutral bar of the loadcenter. This new design is optional on the company’s Premium CH loadcenters. The new loadcenter is also designed to accept all standard CH circuit breakers.


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Lighting control device

The ELCU-100 emergency lighting control unit is designed for energy savings when used to control devices such as occupancy sensors and time scheduled systems by having these devices control emergency lighting in tandem with non-emergency lighting. These control devices can also enhance response from the emergency lighting, because they provide control at the branch circuit level and will force emergency lighting on even if normal power is interrupted in only part of the building. They feature wiring options to accommodate different control needs and an input for remote control.

Watt Stopper/Legrand

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The HSRK is a high-speed Class RK1 fuse designed to safeguard sensitive power electronics, meet the NEC requirements for branch-circuit protection, and perform to industry standards of a semiconductor fuse. The fuse is used with a disconnect switch to allow end users to select a single fuse, ensuring overload and short-circuit protection. It can also reduce incident energy levels enough to change the category of protective clothing that workers are required to wear while working on energized equipment.

Ferraz Shawmut

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