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Distribution Equipment (Load Centers & Panelboards)

Distribution Equipment (Load Centers & Panelboards)

87. Eaton Corp.: Pow-R-Line IQ35M Panelboards

Eaton Corporation’s Pow-R-Line panelboards can integrate the IQ35M compact, affordable energy meter that combines performance and cost-effective energy and power monitoring and submetering applications in standard lighting and appliance as well as small power distribution panelboards up to 400 amperes.
Compact watthour meter with demand featuring a backlit LED display that monitors voltage, current, power factor, frequency. Includes user-enabled password protection and is available with optional data logging capability and serial communications. MSRP $: N/A as the product is designed to customer specification. Pow-R-Line IQ35M Panelboards Product Specs

88. GE: GenTower Generator Connection Panelboard

GenTower is a stand-alone, permanent solution. It easily connects a mobile generator to feed the main power system without modifications to the building or the electrical system. This saves costs for both labor and downtime. GenTower Generator Connection Panelboard Product Information

89. Siemens Industry: 3-phase PL Series Load Center

Three phase load centers are used as the source of power distribution in light commercial and sometimes residential applications. The load center is the point where all of the electricity enters and is distributed throughout the commercial building or home. The electricity flows to parts of a building through conductors, or wires. The new PL Series 3-phase load center provides maximum flexibility and labor saving features to aid the contractor while installing the product. PL load centers feature the patented Insta-wire neutral/ground system, convertibility, copper bussing, and trim mounting tabs - these features were specifically engineered to decrease installation time and increase flexibility.

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