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EC&M'S 2002-2003 Products of the Week

Fridays are supposed to be laid-back. But when everyone else is packing up for the weekend, we're rolling up our sleeves and guzzling coffee while trying to pick EC&M's online Product of the Week. It's high-stress work. What if we lead you astray? What if we put our Good Housekeeping seal of approval on something, only to have it not work or even worse be recalled? That's a lot of pressure. But that

Fridays are supposed to be laid-back. But when everyone else is packing up for the weekend, we're rolling up our sleeves and guzzling coffee while trying to pick EC&M's online Product of the Week. It's high-stress work. What if we lead you astray? What if we put our Good Housekeeping seal of approval on something, only to have it not work or even worse — be recalled? That's a lot of pressure. But that hasn't happened, and even in retrospect the following 51 products (We took a week off, it happens) prove all that time spent arguing over which test instrument was best while our friends went home for the weekend was worthwhile.

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LED drivers
June 3, 2002 — Xitanium LED drivers can support general illumination and sign lighting as well as a variety of new construction and niche applications, including architectural, outdoor, and undercabinet lighting, and retail display. The drivers are rated for a 50,000-hr life. They don't require special wiring because they're UL Class 2 and FCC Class B rated and currently available for 120V, constant output designs for 12W (350mA), 17W (700mA), 25W (1,050mA), and 40W (1,750mA) applications.
Advance Transformer Co.
Circle 300 Hammer drill
June 10, 2002 — The SBE750 .5-in. hammer drill offers .75-in. capacity in concrete, .5-in. capacity in steel, and 1.5-in. capacity in soft wood. Using a goose neck depth gauge, the drill makes it possible to position the gauge tip close to the drill bit, increasing the accuracy of the drilling depth. The motor is equipped with an epoxy resin-coated field coil free of air inclusions, preventing overheating under heavy loads. Rated at 6.2A, with an input rating of 750W, the drill weighs 6.6 lbs.
Metabo Corp.
Circle 301 Architectural striplight
June 17, 2002 — The Metalux Basix is an architectural-styled T8 striplight built around a standard fluorescent striplight design. The line consists of eight fixtures designed for contemporary, commercial, or retail applications. They can be used for surface-, cable-, or stem-mounted purposes in stand-alone or continuous row configurations. The eight optic choices can be installed to the standard striplight channel and comprise the Taper, Half Round, Acrylic Point, Perf Uplight, Perch Arch, Perf Mono, Frost Arch, and Frost Mono.
Cooper Lighting
Circle 302 Fishtape
June 24, 2002 — The Barracuda fishtape allows the user to lock the cams in place without kinks or gouges by pulling back on the Cam-Lock handle. Gaskets in the handle keep the tape free from dirt by squeegeeing it as it retracts. It's available in carbon or stainless steel constructions of 100 ft and 200 ft.
BES Manufacturing
Circle 303 GFCIs
July 1, 2002 — The SmartLock meets UL's new listing requirements for GFCIs that went into effect Jan. 1, 2003, including a diagnostic indication of line/load miswiring, greater surge immunity, and improved criteria for corrosion-resistance. The unit's lock-out action prevents continued use if it's damaged and no longer offers protection. The TEST button can still be operated in the event of an open neutral condition even though the GFCI circuit is no longer powered. A built-in line/load reversal feature also prevents the GFCI from resetting if the load and line connections are mistakenly reversed.
Circle 304 Temperature measurement device
July 8, 2002 — The 3460 2D Thermo HiTester performs 2D temperature measurement with a thermopile array sensor (8×8 elements), dividing the measured part of the visual image into 64 boxes and displaying the temperature with a high-speed response of about .2 sec. The standard unit offers three selectable screen display modes (visual image, 64-point mosaic, and 64-point box display) and is equipped with a compact flash card slot, making it possible to simultaneously record an image in JPEG format and measurement data in CSV format.
Circle 305 Suspension system
July 15, 2002 — The Hang-Fast is a suspension system designed for static loads like lighting trunking/channel, electrical busway, and cable tray/basket. According to the manufacturer, it's 90% lighter than threaded rod and installs as much as six times faster than traditional threaded rod, chain, or hanger-strap installations. The system is made of galvanized steel wire rope, manufactured to BS 302. Each of the five standard size units comes in lengths of 5 ft to 30 ft.
Circle 306 Antioxidants for electrical connections
July 22, 2002 — The HCAJC8 and HAAJC8 oxide inhibiting joint compound products are available in .5-oz. tubes or 4-oz. and 8-oz. bottles. HCAJC8 is a synthetic-based compound with suspended copper particles. The material is copper in color and recommended for copper-to-copper electrical connections, copper threads, and all grounding applications. HAAJC8 has a synthetic base with suspended zinc particles. The material is gray in color and recommended for aluminum-to-aluminum or aluminum-to-copper electrical connections as well as for aluminum conduit threads.
Harger Lightning & Grounding
Circle 307 Tape measure
July 29, 2002 — The Next tape measure allows users to mark on wood, metal, drywall, aluminum, tile, slate, granite, plaster, sheet metal, glass, copper, PVC, ABS, and plastic without a pencil. The tape measure's tip is equipped with a precision-ground, hardened steel marking wheel that eliminates the need for a separate marking tool. It's available in 16-ft, 25-ft, and 30-ft lengths.
Circle 308 Infrared thermometer and digital camera
Aug 5, 2002 — The PhotoTemp MX6 combines the features of an infrared thermometer and digital camera in one device. The unit uses a coaxial laser sighting system to highlight the area under measurement and is capable of taking as many as 100 temperature measurements. Measurements and digital photographs can be stored in the camera and later uploaded to a PC for analysis and reporting using the company's software. It features a backlit display with 30 pre-set emissivity values, a built-in flash for low-light conditions, and a focus setting that adjusts to both long-distance and close-focus situations.
Circle 309 Service entrance cable system
August 12, 2002 — The 1850-SE service entrance cable system includes mineral insulated cable, which is designed to neither release toxic fumes nor propagate flame during a fire. It also includes an enclosed steel tray despite the fact that the cable can be crushed to half its original diameter and still remain electrically functional. The cable, which complies with Art. 695 and 700 of the 1999 NEC, is produced in 300V and 600V ranges and is suitable for Class I, Div. 1 and 2 hazardous locations when fitted with appropriate terminations.
Tyco Thermal Controls
Circle 310 AFCI breaker tester
August 19, 2002 — The AS1000 Arc Smart arc-fault circuit breaker field tester works with all manufacturers' AFCI breakers on both 15A and 20A circuits. The unit simulates parallel arcs with a pulsed, high-speed, 75A resistive load. The unit also supplies simulated nuisance arcing to test for unwanted tripping, as well as a 5A ground arc test.
Fox Meter
Circle 311 Pilot devices
August 26, 2002 — The XP series of explosion-proof pilot devices includes LED pilot lights, pushbuttons, dual pushbuttons (standard and keyed, two- and three-position selector switches), illuminated pushbuttons, push-to-test operators, potentiometers, and “E-stops.” All of the operators are UL- and CSA-listed for Class I, Div. 1 and 2 applications and are available in short- and long-barrel models. Several operators are available with various contact block configurations to meet specific needs.
Akron Electric
Circle 312 Conduit sealing bushings
September 03, 2002 — Made up of two PVC-coated metal discs with a one-piece neoprene sealing ring positioned between them, these conduit sealing bushings are designed to stop water, dust, or gas from entering electrical enclosures, with pressure ratings as high as 100 psi. Custom-drilled holes allow the cables to enter the enclosure, while a slot cut into the discs prevents induction heating by the individual alternating current conductors. The bushings are available for use with Schedule 40 rigid conduit sizes 1.5 in. to 6 in., as well as mechanical pipe, cast iron pipe, and copper tubing in sizes ranging from 2 in. to 16 in.
Circle 313 Design software
September 09, 2002 — ProDesign is an engineer-friendly program that allows users to design and analyze electrical systems to NEC and IEEE standards on their PCs. The drawing environment makes it possible to sketch out a one-line diagram in minutes. Once users select from the pre-loaded database of circuit breakers, busways, and cables, the program will then carry out all necessary calculations and checks to make sure designs comply with applicable codes and standards.
AMTECH Power Software
Circle 314 Welding system
September 16, 2002 — Building off of a previous model that featured current carrying capacity equal to that of the conductor and a permanent molecular bond that can't loosen or corrode, the Cadweld Multi welding system requires one mold to produce more than 30 different welded connection types. For use on cable sizes up to a 1/0 concentric stranded conductor, the welding system features a mold design that increases its service life to more than 100 connections. It also includes a self-sealing system that prevents weld metal leakage.
Circle 315 Multifunction tool/cutting device
September 23, 2002 — The Swifty set multifunction tool combines a cutting instrument and screwdriver in one. The tool allows users to cut solid copper conductors as thick as 16 AWG and flexible conductors as thick as 14 AWG. It's no longer necessary to strip insulation or crimp ferrules because the user can place the conductor into the opened terminal point, close the slider using the screwdriver blades, and after the terminal point is closed, cut the conductor to size using the cutting device. The tool can be fitted onto any screwdriver with a non-insulated shaft no larger than 3.5 mm in diameter.
Circle 316 Cable puller
September 30, 2002 — The Mini Brutus cable puller is rated for continuous pulls of as much as 2,000 lb. The pulling system uses a standard Rigid or Mini-Collins pipe threader power drive unit and pulls as many as 18 ft/min. The multi-adjustable arm extends to longer than 9 ft, while the entire unit can be collapsed to 44 in. × 13.5 in. × 18 in. for storage. Its frame is constructed from 12-gauge, 2-sq-in., square tubular steel piping.
Gardner Bender
Circle 317 Generator set
October 7, 2002 — The Ecostar is the world's first hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engine-driven genset. Because the unit operates on pure hydrogen, the only carbon-based emissions are from a small amount of burned and unburned oil present in the combustion chamber. The engine is coupled to a Class H, 2-pole, brushless, self-regulating alternator with winding pitch designed to reduce the harmonic content of the output waveform. It's capable of producing 91.2kW and 114kVA at 480V in 3-phase power and 75kW and 75kVA at 277V in single-phase power.
Ballard Power Systems
Circle 318 Stud punch
October 14, 2002 — The ESP-710 battery operated stud punch is designed for putting multiple holes in 16-gauge to 20-gauge load bearing structural metal studs in commercial and industrial projects. The 9.2-lb tool can punch a 1.34-in. hole in a 16-gauge structural stud in 5 sec and has the capacity to punch 200 holes per battery charge. The unit includes two batteries.
Greenlee Textron
Circle 319 Estimation software
October 21, 2002 — Electrofind estimating software finds, counts, and organizes the symbols on your entire blueprint, substantially reducing estimation time. The program works directly from electronic files or blueprints to find all requested symbols, and organizes and reports its counts by sheets, locations, and alternates. It supports electrical, communications, fire alarm, sound, and security contractors, as well as any other industry that uses blueprints and symbols for designing.
E/T Software
Circle 320 Fire box
October 28, 2002 — The e.z. barrier eliminates the need for a manually built fire barrier around recessed lights to maintain the fire-rating of floor-ceiling assemblies. The box, which is designed to fit both 16-in. and 24-in. on-center applications with four knockouts for wiring flexibility, meets the specifications of 7-1 of the Uniform Building Code (UBC), Section 710 for Floor or Roof Ceilings. It can also be used as a vapor barrier for other openings.
Cubicles Plus, Inc.
Circle 321 Circuit breaker finder
November 04, 2002 — The CF12 circuit breaker finder calibrates itself and continuously adjusts sensitivity without user involvement as breakers are scanned. When the correct breaker is found, a green LED lights up and an audio signal alerts the user. The unit has two parts: a transmitter that plugs into a circuit via a standard outlet, which sends a signal down the wire connecting that circuit, and a receiver wand used to scan the circuit panel breakers. The receiver is powered by a 9V battery.
Circle 322 Roadway lighting breakaway system
November 11, 2002 — The MG 2 is FM-rated IP68 to provide complete protection against dust, and it allows for continuous submersion in 6 ft of water when it's capped or mated. The system consists of a molded distribution block, a fused pole plug with waterproof replaceable fuses, and a surge arrester. It's designed so the pole cable will disconnect if the pole is knocked over, leaving the female plug above the ground.
Circle 323 Service kits
November 18, 2002 — The Deluxe Cable Service Kit is one of 30 all-in-one kits this manufacturer offers for electrical workers. Designed for datacom installers, it brings together a tone and probe testing system, punch-down tool, a UTP/STP stripper, a pair of electrician's scissors with stripping notches, a 5-in-1 screwdriver, a probe pic, and spudger. It also includes the Linkmaster UTP/STP twisted-pair wire tester and the Telemaster cutter, stripper, and crimper. The tools are packaged in this company's leather Tuff-Tote carriers, pouches, and shoulder bags.
IDEAL Industries, Inc.
Circle 324 Portable lighting fixture
November 25, 2002 — Inspired by aircraft manufacturing needs, the Quad Light combines tool-free re-lamping, multiple mounting options, and integrated cord storage for temporary lighting, maintenance, and repair, and production finishing applications. It comes in two four-lamp models that use 17W or 32W T8 fluorescent lamps. Its high-impact components, polycarbonate shielding, and shock-absorbing supports make it possible to use the fixture in rough environments.
K&H Industries
Circle 325 Heavy-duty cord
December 2, 2002 — Sunlight resistant, flame resistant, and able to perform in -60°C to 105°C temperatures, ResistAll cord is designed for use in extreme conditions. The cord is 00-rated to resist oil and water in both the conductor insulation and outer jacket. It will roll and unroll without kinking and is available in high-visibility yellow and black.
Circle 326 LED bulbs
December 9, 2002 — The dynaLUX family of LEDs includes four styles of bulbs for various accent and decorative applications. The bulbs consume as little as 1W and reduce energy usage by as much as 80% when compared to incandescent lamps of similar brightness. The LEDison model is the more traditional alternative to incandescent lighting, while the G45 is designed for more decorative purposes. The R63 model features a reflective coating for added brightness and general illumination equivalent to incandescent bulbs as strong as 60W. The FlameTip features a curved design similar to incandescent chandelier bulbs.
Mule Lighting
Circle 327 Measuring tape
Dec 16, 2002 — The Power-Return tape measure is now available in a 25-ft × 1.25-in. model. The tape measure offers a rare earth magnetic tip that holds it in place on iron and steel surfaces. A two-step lock button located near the top of the case allows the user to either slow the retraction of the blade or hold the blade in place. A non-slip jacket protects the case and end hook. Oversized black numbers on the first 11 in. make reading measurements easier, and a built-in shock absorber protects the blade tip.
Klein Tools
Circle 328 System design software
Dec 30, 2002 — ETAP 4.7.0 is the latest version of this company's electrical system design and analysis software that pulls features from previous releases, such as load flow, short-circuit, harmonic analysis, and transient stability, and combines them in one platform. Enhancements to the graphical interface and the one-line diagram ease the design process. Data exchange protocols now include DXF, XML, and CVS formats.
Operations Technology
Circle 329 Control cables
January 6, 2003 — The L-Flexx 690 line of control cables are 600V/90° rated and polyurethane jacketed. The diameter-reduced cables can withstand a bending radius as small as five times the outside diameter. The design, which features extra-fine stranded copper conductors, specially formatted insulation, and low-friction woven wrap, allows for as many as 18 million flex cycles. Available in unshielded and shielded versions with a selection of AWG sizes and number of conductors, the cables are also flame-retardant and resistant to abrasion, coolants, fuels, fungus, water, extremely cold temperatures, and UV rays.
Circle 330 Lead-acid battery
January 13, 2003 — The Powersafe VX100F series of front terminal, valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries will last 10 years at 104°F. Positive plates made of pure lead, a polycarbonate/ABS blend for the battery's case and cover, and a high-quality compression grommet post seal combine to extend the battery's life. The battery terminal has a built-in brass insert bolted to an angled copper connecter fitted with a bolt, stainless steel nut, and washers to minimize installation time. They're available in 8V and 12V models with a rated capacity of 100Ah.
Circle 331 CD-ROM series
January 20, 2003 — The Electrical Troubleshooting Skills (ETS) CD-ROM training series consists of three modules. “Basic Techniques” employs the “Five Step Troubleshooting Approach,” using animated graphics and text to explore 16 faults on a lighting circuit. “Basic Control Circuits” applies the system from the first module to a pushbutton-controlled door lock circuit consisting of relays, switches, lights, and a solenoid. The final module, “Motor Control Circuits,” consists of a 3-phase supply and a 120V control circuit that operates on a commercial garage door.
L&K International Training
Circle 332 Busway
January 27, 2003 — The Powerbus 225 low-amp busway is designed for rapid installation and reliable power distribution. It's rated at 225A and 100A and intended for use where conduit and cabling are typically installed. The busway is designed to specifications and built and tested at the plant, so end-users needn't worry about conduit bending on-site.
Schneider Electric/Square D
Circle 333 PQ analyzer
February 3, 2003 — The PNA-600 portable PQ analyzer is NEMA4/IP65 rated, so it's sealed against moisture and dust. The laptop computer-sized analyzer is powered by a 950 MHz Celeron or PIII processor and has 256 MB of RAM on a single-board computer. The system has four voltage inputs 600V rms and four current inputs via current transducer coils. It analyzes to the 50th harmonic, and has an FTT analyzer, oscilloscope, flicker meter, and power quality monitor. The instrument's flat TFT display can rest on a desktop, be held by an operator, or be mounted to any surface using a threaded mount.
Circle 334 Insulation tester
February 10, 2003 — The 61-792 Megger 5kV insulation resistance (IR) tester features hand crank and battery operation. The IR tester has a measuring range of 100K to 20G ohm, with four test voltages: 500V, 1,000V, 2,500V, and 5,000V for measuring high-power motors and electrical systems. An automatic discharge circuit eliminates the capacitive charge created by the tester immediately after the test. The tester features a large analog display and a locking or non-locking test button.
IDEAL Industries, Inc.
Circle 335 Digital dimming systems
February 17, 2003 — The Simplicity series of digital dimming systems includes wall-mounted lighting control stations that feature LCD touchscreens, pushbutton controls, and handheld infrared remote controls. Digital dimming panels contain 12 addressable outputs. Each circuit is rated at 20A and can be dimmed or switched. As few as four and as many as 12 power modules can be provided per dimming panel. Each dimming module is multi-rated to control incandescent, fluorescent, low-voltage, and neon lights, among others.
Hunt Dimming
Circle 336 Sensing fibers
February 24, 2003 — Steelskin plastic sensing fibers feature Dura-Bend multi-core construction that allows them to carry light through tight radius bends without signal loss or fiber damage. The fibers are protected by a braided 304-grade stainless steel over-jacket. With a minimum bend radius of 10 mm and an outside diameter of 2.9 mm, they're designed for low-profile applications embedded in machinery. The fibers are terminated with plastic ferrules for interfacing to the company's FP style amplifiers and can be used with most fiber optic photoelectric sensors.
Banner Engineering
Circle 337 Liquidtight connectors
March 3, 2003 — One-piece casting combines a grounding lug and gland nut on the Ground-Tite grounding liquidtight connector, allowing for simple ground wire termination. A slim compact design allows for a small turning radius, and a tapered threaded male hub NPT eases installation. The connectors include a locknut and sealing ring, and a long ferrule prevents pull-out and pop-out, both common in tight-bend conduit. Windows in the ferrule allow users to inspect for full engagement. They're available in 45° and 90° models in sizes ranging from .375 in. to 5 in. A straight design is available from .375 in. to 6 in.
Circle 338 Recessed lighting fixtures
March 10, 2003 — In accordance with air flow requirements for energy conservation, the P83-ICAT compact fluorescent recessed light foregoes the several penetrations to the outer housing of the fixture standard in many lights that allow heated or cooled air to escape into the ceiling space. The light, which is Energy Star-approved, includes IC-rated recessed housings that raise the cost of compliance with state energy codes. It also has an electronic ballast for overall enhanced efficiency and “flicker-free” lamp starting.
Progress Lighting
Circle 339 Adjustable speed generator
March 17, 2003 — The onboard power electronics in the OptiGen adjustable speed generator automatically adjust the engine speed up or down while monitoring the consumption of electrical power. They also maintain constant voltage and frequency output during all load conditions. If the load requirement is less than the rated output of the generator, it automatically reduces the engine RPM while still maintaining the desired output frequency. The adjustable speed generator is designed to provide as much as 250% rated power for electric motor starting. An optional UPS module allows for instantaneous switchover when power transfer time is critical.
Baldor Electric Co.
Circle 340 Network cable analyzer
March 24, 2003 — The standard 9V battery-powered model 240A handheld tester allows users to check Ethernet twisted-pair cables for faults like open circuits, shorts, crossed pairs, reversed pairs, and split pairs. The unit's optional remote probe can be used to trace installed cables and locate areas of discontinuity. It includes one master unit and one remote, which is designed to slip into the master unit to prevent loss or damage. The tester also offers a tone generator function.
B+K Precision
Circle 341 AC synchronous motor
March 31, 2003 — At the heart of the DriveIT Direct Drive Solution is a low-base-speed permanent magnet AC motor designed for industrial applications that require high torque at low speeds. The AC synchronous motor won't experience rotor slip; the elimination of slip losses can increase efficiency from 1% to 3%. The permanent magnets in the motor create a constant flux in the air gap that eliminates the need for rotor windings or brushes normally used for excitation in synchronous motors. The motor has a power range from 22 hp to 670 hp and base speeds from 220 rpm to 600 rpm.
ABB, Inc., Automation Technologies
Circle 342 Wet-environment motors
April 7, 2003 — The W21 cast iron-framed motors are covered in a two-part white epoxy paint that makes them suitable for high humidity and wet environments. The motors, which are available in power ranges from 1 hp to 30 hp, are equipped with a stainless steel shaft and a labyrinth taconite shaft seal. They're NEMA MG1 Part 31 rated for inverter use and are manufactured with a Class F insulation system with Class B temperature rise.
WEG Electric Motors Corp.
Circle 343 Cable management systems
April 14, 2003 — The Netfloor cable management system is designed for routing data, phone, fiber optics, and power cabling. Using four components — the unipanel, base connector, central cap, and flank cap — the system creates a low-profile raised flooring with integrated raceways. It's a completely floating system, so it doesn't need to be secured to the subfloor. Cables can be extruded from the floor up through grommets into modular walls or directly to the desktop. Floor boxes, which can be used as termination points, have two divided gang locations per side. The system meets CISCA guidelines.
Multilink Broadband
Circle 344 Two-in-one tester
April 21, 2003 — The Industrial ScopeMeter 124 is designed for industrial and plant maintenance engineers who regularly need to measure and check waveforms of systems dominated by electronics-based machinery. In addition to functioning as a dual-channel oscilloscope, it operates as a dual-channel, 5,000-count, true rms multimeter. It features 20 memory configurations for measurement storage and setup information. Additional on-screen cursor measurements supplement the 26 built-in automatic measurements. A rechargeable battery pack, alligator clips, shielded BNC adapter, hook clips, line adapter, and shielded test leads are also included.
Circle 345 Electrical tester
April 28, 2003 — Users of the CMT-80 multi-function meter don't need to select a measurement function because the device is equipped with an automatic selection feature that chooses from current, voltage, and resistance. Approved for CAT III 600V applications, the meter is designed with a low-impedance input to minimize ghost voltage. It measures AC/DC voltage, resistance, continuity, and AC amperage. It's also equipped with a data hold feature that allows the end-user to capture and save important readings. The tester is UL-3111-1 approved.
Greenlee Textron
Circle 346 Flashlight/AC voltage detector
May 5, 2003 — The SenseLite combines a battery-powered, pocket-sized flashlight with a non-contact AC voltage detection circuit. Equipped with an LED indicator that will light up in the presence of AC voltage, the detector can detect 40VAC to 300VAC. The unit's flashlight component is powered by a standard AAA battery and uses a 100,000-hr bulb. Measuring .63 in. × .83 in. × 2.8 in., it can be worn as a key chain or clipped to a hat or sleeve for hands-free use.
B+K Precision
Circle 347 Optical fiber cable
May 12, 2003 — The MCS Road Cable optical fiber cable is designed for installation in road surfaces where traditional trenching or boring isn't feasible. The cable's design and patented installation process allow for minimal business disruption and damage to existing roadway or pavement infrastructure. The cable is placed in a narrow groove cut in the road, parking lot, or sidewalk and secured with rubber hold-down foam. The remainder of the groove is filled with bitumen.
Corning Cable Systems
Circle 348 Modular outlet/receptacle system
May 19, 2003 — This system of electrical wiring devices uses a modular architecture to allow users to trade out standard outlets, GFCIs, switches, and dimmer switches without ever having to touch the wiring. The base module — into which the wiring devices snap — completely hides all wiring, making it possible for homeowners to avoid wiring while switching the devices. For the installer, the system's patented junction box and mud shield keeps drywall mud out of the box, so it's no longer necessary to clean out boxes before switches and outlets can be installed. The devices are available in 15A or 20A, 125VAC models.
Circle 349 Track lighting fixture
May 26, 2003 — The Halo MiniLUME adjustable-beam ceramic metal halide, low-voltage track fixture is designed for 20W or 39W T4.5 lamps and is meant to replace 75W and 90W PAR halogen sources. The fixture's housing rotates 300° and tilts 90° to eliminate dead zones. Detents align with beam angle icons to allow repeatability at spot, narrow flood, and flood positions. The front bezel can accept color filters and beam modifying lenses. A glare shield provides additional cutoff.
Cooper Lighting
Circle 350
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