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eMail Case Study

eMail Case Study

eBlasts & ePostcards

Penton’s email delivers Measurable Audience Response.

A Quick Case Study - December 2007

This example does not guarantee your results will be similar. All marketing efforts, including email, elicit unique responses from an audience.

Two emails were sent on behalf of two Sponsors to ½ of the same Penton B2B mailing list: An eBlast in early November 2007 and an ePostcard 2 weeks later. Both were found to be of interest to recipients and had high open rates.


  • Long format
  • Contains text, graphics and links
  • Over 25% Open Rate
  • Almost 4% Click Throughs
  • Why this worked:
    • Of interest to audience
    • Call to action (register for conference)


  • Short format (600x400 pixels)
  • Contains graphics and links
  • Over 21% Open Rate
  • Almost 13% Click Throughs
  • Why this worked:
    • Of interest, eye-catching
    • Quickly read (fits most email preview panes)

Conclusion: Penton’s email delivers Measurable Audience Response.

Contact Us for More Information:

District Sales Managers

New England States/NE Pa./NE N.Y.
Steve Waller

(203) 272-4819
FAX (203) 272-4824

NW Pa./NW N.Y./Ohio/Ind./Mich.
Tim Kasperovich

(440) 989-2730
FAX (440) 989-2731

Southeast/Southwest U.S.
Vince Saputo

(770) 618-0106
FAX (770) 618-0107

Western U.S. & Western Canada
Jim Carahalios

(303) 697-1701
FAX (330) 697-1703

Midwest U.S. & Eastern Canada
Tom Morrow

(312) 840-8417
FAX (312) 840-8470

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