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Fasteners & Hangers

Fasteners & Hangers

27. Erico: KBT Wire Basket Tray Clip

The KBT Wire Basket Tray Clip, part of the CADDY line of fixings and fasteners from ERICO, is an easy-to-install, time-saving solution for securely attaching wire basket tray to strut. Simply place the basket tray on top of the strut, position the KBT clip over the tray at the desired position, squeeze the KBT and slide it in place to finish the connection – it’s that simple! The installation can easily be completed without tools. No additional hardware is required – meaning there is no cost or time associated with using clumsy nuts, bolts or washers to fasten basket tray to strut trapeze assemblies. The clip attaches tray wires from 4 mm to 8 mm (3/16 inch to 5/16 inch) to any standard strut profile. MSRP: $40/hu. Datasheet: KBT Wire Basket Tray Clip

28. Erico: CADDY® ROD LOCK

The CADDY® ROD LOCK anchor screw, part of the CADDY ROD LOCK technology from ERICO, is an innovative, time-saving method for installing electrical support structures to concrete decking. Contractors can now prefabricate complex assemblies on the floor, and then easily lift and lock them into place by pushing the threaded rod supports into the anchor screw. The ingenious CADDY ROD LOCK technology also works with threaded rod with burrs or imperfections, helping to eliminate clean-up time or the need to replace damaged threaded rod. Simply speaking – the CADDY ROD LOCK anchor screw is revolutionizing how electricians support conduit, cable tray or other electrical equipment from concrete decking. The CADDY ROD LOCK anchor screw offers a load capacity up to 660 lbs (3/8 inch rod) or 2900 N (M8, M10 rod) and has an electro-galvanized finish for superior corrosion protection. It is FM Approved and features a 3:1 safety factor. The anchor screw is part of the CADDY ROD LOCK threaded rod mounting system, which includes the CADDY ROD LOCK beam clamp and channel nut. The system’s breakthrough “push-to-install” design dramatically reduces the installation time of threaded rod support structures when compared to conventional fasteners. In many common applications, the system also requires less installation hardware. MSRP: $280/hu

Important Links:
Video: CADDY® ROD LOCK Anchor Screw
Datasheet: ADDY® ROD LOCK Anchor Screw

29. Snake Tray: Snake Nuts

Snake Tray is pleased to announce the new innovative fastener for threaded rod that eliminates the time consuming method of running hex nuts up a threaded rod. Simply insert the Snake Nut onto the threaded rod and tighten into place with set screw. Once locked into place, Snake Nut has been tested to hold up to 9000 pounds. Available in 3/8”, ½” and 5/8” size to accommodate all standard threaded rods.

30. Thomas & Betts: Kindorf Fast Set Beam Clamp

Kindorf Fast Set Beam Clamps from Thomas & Betts simplify installation of threaded rod on I-beams by requiring no tools for installation: the clamp slides onto the I-beam flange. Once the clamp is secured by hand, the threaded rod can be screwed through the clamp and tightened. Kindorf Fast Set Beam Clamp Product Information

31. Thomas & Betts: Kindorf LOC-KING Cobra One-Piece Cable and Pipe Clamp

The Kindorf LOC-KING Cobra One-Piece Cable and Pipe Clamp from Thomas & Betts features two design innovations: a pre-set torque mechanism, ensuring optimum torque without the risk of over-tightening or excess pressure on cables, enabling installation with power tools; and an anti-vibration locknut, ensuring permanent installation, even in high-vibration environments. Kindorf LOC-KING Cobra One-Piece Cable and Pipe Clamp Product Information
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