February 2005 Products of the Week

February 2005 Products of the Week

Handheld PDA

The Microflex 2240 PDA weighs 500 g and fits in the palm of your hand. With a 200 MHz or 400 MHz, it offers 64 MB of SDRAM and 64 MB or 128 MB of nonvolatile Flash storage to protect data from resets or complete power loss. It includes sunlight-readable, reflective-color TFT displays with LED front lighting for indoor and low-light conditions. The PDA meets all MIL-STD-810F standards for drop, vibration, and hot and cold temperature variations from -30°C to 60°C. It’s also dust proof and protected from temporary immersion in water 1 m deep for 30 min. It runs a Windows Mobile 2003, which allows users to view documents like Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel in their original formats.

DAP Technologies

For more information, visit www.daptech.com.

Rooftop pipe support

This UV-rated rooftop pipe support has a 4-in. x 5-in. footprint and weighs less than 1/3 lb. Its sled-design distributes the load evenly, protects the roof membrane, and holds three ½-in., two ¾-in., or one 1-in. pipes or conduit. The support can be bonded to the roof or float with pipe expansion and contraction, and an integral pipe-clamping mechanism ratchets down to securely clamp pipes or can be set for loose guiding to accommodate for thermal changes. They’re available in 4-in. and 6-in. high models.


For more information, visit www.erico.com.

Surge protector

Available in two versions, the Surge3 surge protection device (SPD) protects complex, digital technology in five nanoseconds. Both the MOV and diode versions are interchangeable with a plug-in suppressor and common base mount, and they use computer-matched, high-power diodes in an advanced diode array, which allows for low clamping with high surge current ratings. The 120V model has a current rating of 4kA and voltage protection level of 292V peak. The SPD system is color-coded, and all suppressors and bases are labeled with specific voltage colors.

Cooper Bussman

For more information, visit www.bussmann.com.

Tamper-resistant GFCI

These tamper-resistant GFCI receptacles feature an automatic internal sliding shutter system that prevents objects from being inserted into the receptacle. They’re available in spec grade and hospital grade 15A, 125VAC models and are UL-Listed. The receptacles come in ivory, light almond, white, brown, grey, and red.

Pass and Seymour

For more information, visit www.passandseymour.com.

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