Indirect Maintenance, Part 2

Previously, we said motors are special victims of power quality problems

Previously, we said motors are special victims of power quality problems. It's also true that motors are special contributors of these problems. With their inrush currents, inductive load characteristics, and electronic drives (if not harmonics corrected and power factor corrected), motors place heavy burdens on a power distribution system. Even the physical connections require extra care and attention beyond that afforded to "normal" distribution system loads. This is why you can buy a roll of rubber "motor lead tape." How many other loads can you name that have a special lead tape named for them?

Article 430 ("the Motor Article") is the longest Article in the entire National Electrical Code, and yet other Articles of the Code still deal with motors. Part of the solution to that part of the motor maintenance puzzle dealing with the power distribution system is in Art. 430. If your motor supply doesn't conform with Art. 430, then you’re going to have a "high maintenance" situation. If you are in that situation, review Art. 430. You might just find that someone installed it improperly.

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