January 2005 Products of the Week

January 2005 Products of the Week

Mini cable lockout

Weighing less than heavy metal chains, the Mini Cable Lockout has a 4-in. body diameter and fits in the palm of your hand. The lockout works much like a tape measure and uses 8 ft of flexible cable to secure electrical and mechanical control points. A single device can be used to lock out multiple energy sources, and it includes six holes for padlocks. The lockout is constructed of nylon and resists impacts, chemicals, and corrosion, and the cable is available in high-strength, vinyl-coated steel or nonconductive nylon.


For more information, visit www.bradyid.com.

Security light photocontrol

Available in three models, the Light Keeper electronic photocontrol protects security lights against operation from artificial light sources. Enclosed in a projectile-resistant housing, this 3-prong, locking-type photocontrol features photocell light-sensing elements, turnoff from daylight or more than one light source, and early twilight turn-on. It’s powered by 105VAC to 305VAC and rated at 1,000W/1,800VA.

Fisher Pierce OLC

For more information, visit www.fisherpierce.com.

Energy management software suite

Designed for industrial, utility, power generation, and commercial electrical environments, the Energy Manager EXT software suite analyzes and controls electrical power usage and power quality for electrical power distribution systems. The system features real-time analysis, automated downloading, advanced power quality, and system reliability reporting tools. It can analyze power quality using artificial intelligence technology and report causes of problems as well as suggest solutions. It also features cost allocation capability that allows users to generate automated commercial energy bills and allocate electrical usage costs over differing departments.

Electro Industries/GaugeTech

For more information, visit www.electroind.com.

Safety light

This concealed, power-failure safety lighting device is designed for residential homes where power-failure lighting isn’t mandated. Providing illumination for as many as four nights before battery replacement, the safety light can be used to eliminate the total darkness of nighttime power failures or as an energy-saving nightlight when the power is normal. It can be installed in light switches and power outlets, and fits in standard single- or multi-gang workboxes.

TechLite Designs

For more information, visit www.lite-knight.com.

LED steplights

Available in configurations from 1 to 24 diodes, these low-wattage LED steplights have an operating life of up to 100,000 hours and are available in a range of color lenses. The steplights feature marine-grade die cast faceplates and housings, five-stage surface preparation like chromate conversion and super polyester powder coat finishing for corrosion resistance, and 0.37-in. injection-molded clear tempered wide-angle prismatic lenses. They’re potted in epoxy to ensure waterproofing and sealed with extruded silicone continuous gaskets.

FC Lighting

For more information, visit www.fclighting.com.

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