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January 2006 Products of the Week

January 2006 Products of the Week

Brown duck vest

This flame-resistant brown duck vest features two large pockets with quilt lining and an inside patch pocket with hook and loop closures. The vest also has a brass zipper with Nomex zipper tape, an inside and outside protective flap, and hidden snap closure for electric arc protection. The vest includes 13-ounce abrasion-resistant duck with a 10-ounce Moda-Quilt lining, giving it an arc thermal performance value (ATPV) of 50.4.


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Low-voltage switchgear

Entellisys is a low-voltage switchgear solution that allows operators to perform most control, monitoring, and diagnostic work outside of the arc-flash protection boundary using remote human machine interface (HMI) options. Designed for 208V to 600V and 800A to 5,000A, the switchgear features a bus differential (ANSI 87B) to provide zone-based protection and detect faults that range from less than the bus rating to the full short-circuit rating of the equipment. It is fully redundant to avoid single-point failure for the system and provides fully synchronized waveform capture from every circuit simultaneously.

GE Consumer & Industrial

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Cat. 6a cable certifier

The Lantek 6A is a cable certifier designed specifically to test Cat. 6a and ISO Class Ea (augmented) UTP and STP cabling, expected to be ratified by the Telecommunications Industry Association and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) early this year. The cable certifier has a sweeping frequency up to 500 MHz and can accurately test 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GBASE-T) networks to assure that they meet the transmission parameters of IEEE 802.3an. It includes a high-definition ¼ VGA color display, compact flash storage, USB port, and Lantek Reporter PC software.

Ideal Industries

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Ground tester

Rated to IP54, these ground testers come in four models. Model DET3TD is a digital, 3-terminal instrument for grounding and bonding tests. Model DET4TD is a digital, 4-terminal model that adds resistivity measurements. The DET3TA is an analog 3-terminal model, and the DET3TC is a new tester that adds a current measuring function for attached rod technique (ART ) testing capabilities, which can reduce testing time by as much as 40%. All instruments include a voltmeter and can measure resistance from 0.01 ohm to 2,000 ohms and earth voltages up to 100V. For noisy environments, the testers can reject noise of up to 40V peak to peak.


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Safety eyewear

The Protégé line of safety eyewear weighs less than 1 oz and uses the company’s proprietary Floating Lens technology for increased flexibility. The eyewear includes a wrap-around brow that expands to accommodate a range of users. Its lenses are available in clear, gray, and SCT-Reflect 50 mirrored tints, as well as Ultra-dura anti-scratch coating or Uvextra anti-fog coating. The safety eyewear meets the ANSI Z87+ standards for high impact protection.


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