July 2006 Products of the Week

Cable service kit

The CableIQ service kit provides tools to perform both passive connectivity tests on cabling and active communications tests on network operation. The kit includes a qualification tester to determine whether an existing cable link is qualified to support the network> '> s required bandwidth and provides information on the nature and location of cabling performance faults. It also comes with the company's IntelliTone probe to locate and verify the right cable and the LinkRunner network multimeter to determine whether the network drop is active and verify communication to network devices.

Fluke Networks

For more information, visit www.flukenetworks.com.

Photovoltaic connection system

The Solarlok PV connector system now includes three new junction box configurations that accommodate different wiring needs. Expanding upon the previous six-rail product, the system now offers a two-, three-, and four-rail junction box. It also now includes positive latching features, designed to help minimize unintentional disconnections. All of this product line’s junction boxes are IP65 rated and carry UL 1703 and TUV approvals.

Tyco Electronics

For more information, visit www.tycoelectronics.com.

Cable cutter tray

The ETS8 cable tray cutter is a battery-powered tool for cutting wire mesh cable tray. The cable tray cutter comes with two batteries and can make about 250 cuts of 4.9mm in diameter per battery charge. It weighs 3 lbs, its cutting head rotates 330 degrees, and it automatically retracts when a cut is complete. It can cut other wires up to 8mm in diameter, such as a threaded rod and steel bolts, but is not intended for cutting electrical or steel cables.

Greenlee, a Textron Co.

For more information, visit For more information, visit http://www.greenlee.com/.

Firestop fittings

FlameStopper thru-wall fittings have been redesigned for use in retrofit as well as new construction firestopping applications. The fittings combine built-in intumescent material with a fully enclosed wall penetration that allow wires and cables to be added or removed while maintaining the fire rating of the wall. The retrofit kit includes a split conduit for installations where there is no existing conduit and contains a large firestopped wall plate for irregular openings and a heat shield for existing conduit lengths.


For more information, visit www.wiremold.com.

Light lowering conversion kit

This pole light lowering conversion kit is designed for hard-to-service light poles and fixtures in areas such as tennis courts and parking garages. The conversion kit can eliminate the need for bucket trucks by lowering the de-energized fixture to service it, saving money and preventing dangers associated with aerial lifts. The kit is designed with a 10-ft guide rail that installs onto existing round, tapered, or square poles and comes in standard bronze powder coating, though additional pole colors and double head adapters are available.


For more information, visit www.retropole.com.

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