June 2004 Products of the Week

June 2004 Products of the Week

Cable hangers

Available in three styles, one-piece galvanized steel SMC hangers support and secure Flex, MC, AC, and HCF cable without bundling. The hangers can suspend or mount four to eight cables in any direction, on different surfaces with screws, beam claps, or threaded rods. They’re UL Listed for supporting and securing 14/2 to 10/4 cables.

Arlington Industries

For more information, visit www.aifittings.com.

Adjustable fluorescent fixture

With three adjustable settings, the Adjust-A-Bay T5 and T8 fluorescent facility lighter allows users to customize the fixture’s light distribution. The fixture provides fingertip beam pattern control, which can be set to narrow for aisle lighting, medium for high bay applications, or wide for low bay applications. It features an exposed reflector construction that provides vertical ventilation to maximize lumen output at higher ambient temperatures. It’s available in T5HO and T8 in four or six lamp configurations with optional uplight, and it provides 24 different light distributions. It can be surface-mounted or suspended by a pendant, threaded rod, chain, or adjustable cables.


For more information, visit www.simkar.com.


The Deadnutz combination protractor/level fits 0.5-in. through 6-in. conduit, and it can also be used as a normal level, a line level, a pitch indicator, and a plumb and alignment tool. The instrument features a spring clip at its end and a detachable magnetic base that includes nail/screw openings and removable suction cups, which makes it suitable for use in applications that require angle and slope measurements. An optional laser attachment is available.

Hickory Creek Enterprises

For more information, visit www.hickorycreekenterprises.com.

Emergency ballast

The IQ series all-in-one AC/DC emergency ballasts function as primary ballasts that operate lamps at normal power conditions. Eliminating the auxiliary ballast, they sense any power disruption and automatically switch the ballast to its DC mode and DC battery power source. A replaceable battery pack provides the power necessary for emergency mode and supplies emergency lighting that meets local safety code requirements.


For more information, visit www.k-tronik.com.

Low-voltage add-on bracket

With a hard shell design and a distinctive orange color, this low-voltage add-on bracket turns an electrical box into a dual-voltage box. The bracket attaches to most thin-wall electrical boxes, and it’s designed to fit a standard two-gang faceplate. It features molded-in rings for cable or 0.75-in. flexible raceway. The bracket has an open-back design that allows for appropriate bend radii of Resi-Guard or cable, and it accommodates deep low-voltage devices like volume controls.


For more information, visit www.carlon.com.

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