June 2005 Products of the Week

June 2005 Products of the Week

Biometric time clock

The biometric-based Time Guard System prevents field electricians from clocking in co-workers and secures the jobsite by requiring thumbprint verification. The time clock system is battery operated, portable, and weather resistant. It can also track changeorder labor, separate job tasks, and employees who work on multiple sites. Employees place a finger on the verification scanner to clock in and out.

WCI Time Clock Systems

For more information, visit www.timeguardsystems.com.

Convertible tablet PC

The Tecra M4 convertible tablet PC allows users to work with a traditional keyboard or rotate and fold the screen down for use as a tablet with digital pen-based input and control. The PC features a 14-in. diagonal wide-viewing-angle SXGA+ display, Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 software, and a suite of communication technologies. It’s designed with shock-absorbing materials to help safeguard critical components like the hard drive and LCD.

Toshiba Digital Products Division

For more information, visit www.toshiba.com.

Magnetic circuit breakers

These hydraulic/magnetic circuit breakers don’t rely on a temperature change to activate the trip mechanism, so ambient temperature and sympathetic heating have no effect on them. The circuit breakers don’t derate or deteriorate over time and can be used in any application from -40°C to 60°C. They come in a variety of frame sizes and types with current ratings as high as 100A. Short circuit capacities range from 500A to 10,000A at voltages as high as 240VAC/125VDC.

Circuit Breaker Industries

For more information, visit www.cbi.co.za.

Industrial AC drive

Designed to minimize panel space, the Reliance Electric GV6000 multipurpose industrial AC drive has a zero-stacking configuration so multiple drives can be mounted adjacent to each other with no space between. The drive features a removable operator interface module that provides metering, programming, and operator control and contains CopyCat functionality for transferring parameter sets between drives. It includes general purpose (V/Hz), sensorless vector control, and flux vector control methods, and it’s offered in seven frame sizes with capability ranging from 0.5 hp to 200 hp at 480V. The drive is also available in 240V and 600V input voltages also available.

Rockwell Automation

For more information, visit www.reliance.com.

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