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32. Halco: Low-Voltage LED Elevator Lamp

Halco’s ProLED elevator lamps are a low maintenance, energy saving alternative to traditional incandescent. ProLED elevator lamps draw 2.6W compared to 20W incandescent, saving over $76 in energy costs over the 40,000 hour life of the ProLED lamp. Backed by a 5-year warranty, the series includes GBF and 1383 equivalents. Literature: Low-Voltage LED Elevator Lamp Product Information

33. Venture Lighting: Super Pulse Start Long Life (SPL) Metal Halide Lamps

Venture’s SPL lamp series delivers up to twice the rated life of many of our regular pulse start products, with 40,000 hours rated life. With its patent pending design for long life, this product line offers our customers a cost effective alternative to the LED market. Each lamp contains two quartz metal halide arc tubes. Customers are able to save on maintenance and re-lamping costs, skipping an entire re-lamp cycle. SPL lamps work with Venture's existing line of magnetic ballasts and have a 2-year warranty, 3-year warranty available when purchased as a lamp/ballast system. Super Pulse Start Long Life (SPL) Metal Halide Lamps Product Information
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