Lighting Controls

Lighting Controls

34. Legrand/Pass & Seymour: PlugTail Commercial Occupancy Sensor

Legrand/Pass & Seymour’s PlugTail Sensors are an exciting range of energy-saving occupancy sensors. These PlugTail Sensors conserve energy by sensing when light is needed and when it is not — and responding accordingly. When people enter the room the PIR technology senses their presence and turns the lights on automatically, then shuts them off again when it “knows” they leave. Timing of the shut-off can be anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes, depending on a user-defined preset, giving you a highly efficient and intuitive way to manage energy. Not only are PlugTail Sensors easy to use, they also take less than a minute to install – three times faster than a conventional device installation – and with consistent connections every time. This saves time at the end of the project, when every minute counts. The P&S PlugTail Commercial Occupancy Sensor range contains the following exciting features:
- Dual-voltage model - 120/277 VAC
- LED detection indicator
- Time delay adjustment from 30 seconds to 30 minutes
- Adjustable unit sensitivity (light sensing) from 20% to 100%
- 180 degree coverage of up to 900 sq. ft.
- 1-inch deep back body and flying leads for easy installation
- Built-in light level sensor
- Variety of colors available - Ivory, White, Gray and Light Almond
- Detection Signature Analysis provides high immunity to RFI and EMI
- Integrated light level sensor works from 10 to 150 footcandles
- No exposed terminals create a fingersafe application before, during, and after installation.
- MSRP: $49.00

PlugTail Commercial Occupancy Sensor Product Information

35. Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.: Energi TriPak Wireless Products

Energi TriPak is a family of wireless products that work together to save up to 60% of lighting energy usage by utilizing occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting, personal control, and high-end trim control strategies. The product offering consists of Radio Power Saver wireless sensors (occupancy/vacancy and daylight), Pico wireless controls (for dimming and switching), and PowPak/Maestro Wireless load controllers. Occupancy/vacancy sensors can be ceiling- or wall-mounted, allowing for optimum sensing coverage. Pico wireless controls come in multiple button configurations, and can be used as handheld, wall-mount or tabletop controls. Load controllers are available to dim or switch most load types, from incandescent lamps to EcoSystem digital dimming ballasts. Contact-closure options are also available. Ideal for retrofit applications, this cost-effective light control solution provides the flexibility to choose the components that create the best light control solution for a specific space. The wireless load controllers, sensors and personal controls communicate with each other via Lutron proprietary Clear Connect Radio Frequency technology, which ensures less interference from other RF devices. The Energi TriPak solution is easy to install and works “out of the box” without the need for sophisticated programming or additional wiring. Energi TriPak is ideal for commercial spaces such as classrooms, private offices and conference rooms as well as common areas like restrooms, storage areas and utility rooms. MSRP: $56 - $170

Important Links:
Website: Lutron Electronics Co
Product Specification Submittals
Product Literature
Product Videos

36. WattStopper: LMKT-100 Series Digital Room Control Bundles

WattStopper’s LMKT-100 Series Digital Room Control Bundles include every Digital Lighting Management (DLM) component and cable needed to provide code-compliant lighting control for an entire room. DLM Bundles reduce installation time by 50% over analog products. Contractors plug components together using pre-terminated cables, and controls self-configure for maximum energy efficiency. LMKT-100 Series Digital Room Control Bundles Product Information
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