Luminaires (Downlight, Wall Washer & Accent)

Luminaires (Downlight, Wall Washer & Accent)

37. Juno Lighting: Mini LED Display & Picture Lights

The Juno LED Mini-Cylinder Display & Picture Lights offer a variety of mounting options to meet a range of residential and commercial applications and offer outstanding reliability, performance and color quality. These ultra-versatile, compact and efficient fixtures provide the light output and distribution of a 20-watt MR11 halogen, but require only one-third of the energy at 6.6 watts and last up to 20 times longer.

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38. Juno Lighting: Generation 3 LED Downlights

Featuring efficient, high performance illumination, sophisticated optics, and a light-weight, low-profile housing, the Juno Generation 3 LED Downlights provide greater energy savings and flexibility for commercial applications. All Juno Generation 3 luminaires have been designed to meet the stringent requirements of the new ENERGYSTAR Luminaires V1.1 standard and comply with California T24-2008. The wattage of the LED downlights has been reduced for G3 600 lumen products from 14.5 watts to 10.5 watts nominal – conferring a 30 percent energy savings.

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39. Juno Lighting: Mini LED Step Lights

Juno Mini LED Step Lights provide a unique, ultra-versatile, energy efficient lighting solution for indoor and outdoor low-level lighting applications. Each fixture approximates the size of a switch plate, with modular flexibility for vertical or horizontal installations. Four unique optics provide distinct distribution patterns for various applications. The IC-rated Mini LED Step Lights provide high-quality light while consuming only 2.6W.

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Indoor/Outdoor Spec Sheets

40. Prescolite: D2LED Downlight

Prescolite’s D2LED downlight, the industry’s smallest aperture for commercial LED lighting applications, is now available in a wall wash version. The D2LED wall wash illuminates the wall from ceiling to floor with a smooth transition starting at less than 6” below the ceiling. This new configuration also incorporates the same superior downlighting to the room-side of the fixture. The proprietary optics designed by Prescolite provide superior optical performance on the room-side of the fixture at 45 degree cut off – with no glare. Light-pipe Technology: Supplementing the patent application filed for the unique mounting design of D2LED, Prescolite’s light-pipe technology harnesses the light from the Xicato module and transfers it down into the downlight with minimal degradation, maintaining a clean, highly controlled wall wash. Xicato light engine: Designed around the high quality Xicato light engine, D2LED offers the opportunity to create clean ceilings with minimal obtrusiveness, while meeting commercial light level requirements as well as providing superior brightness control worthy of a specification grade downlight. In addition, D2LED offers industry leading fixture-to-fixture color consistency with no perceivable color shift over its life.

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Specification Page
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