Luminaires (Outdoor – Area)

Luminaires (Outdoor – Area)

51. Architectural Area Lighting: Parkway Square Architectural Luminaires

The Parkway Square family is a complete product offering that includes a pedestrian scale, accent scale and bollard luminaire designed for outdoor installations but are stylish enough for indoor applications. The accent scale luminaire is ideal for mounting heights of 8 ft to 10 ft while the pedestrian scale is designed for mounting heights of 10 ft to 14 ft Both are ideal for pedestrian areas, building perimeters, streetscapes, store fronts and atriums. Parkway Square bollard coordinates perfectly with other Parkway Square family members and is designed to be installed along walkways, in parks, and anywhere else way finding illumination is required.

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52. Cooper Crouse-Hinds: Champ FMV LED Floodlight

Cooper Crouse-Hinds FMV LED Floodlight is designed for long-life and superior performance and is the only Class I, Div. 2 / Zone 2 and Class II, Div. 1 floodlight. The FMV LED Floodlight provides up to 6X Longer life and a 57% reduction in power consumption (compared to typical HID floodlights) and is an ideal replacement for traditional 100-400W HID applications.
Champ FMV LED Floodlight Product Information

53. Cooper Lighting: Lumark Crosstour

The Lumark Crosstour wall-mount luminaire featuring the industry’s first universal “all-in-one” product design to satisfy a myriad of application needs. The Lumark Crosstour™ LED Wall Pack Series offers superior optical performance, a low-profile aesthetic design and easy installation while providing solutions for wall, surface, post (bollard), low-level and inverted installations. Designed to replace up to 175-watt metal halide fixtures with the latest energy-efficient LED technology, the Crosstour can offer up to 90% energy savings compared to equivalent metal halide wall pack products.
The universal “all-in-one” design allows the Crosstour LED Wall Pack Series to easily mount to virtually any location. The series features the industry’s first universal back box design, which allows for simple installation to all standard junction boxes without the use of adaptor plates or loose hardware. The unique contractor-friendly installation and maintenance features include an interface hinge that locks the door in place allowing stable handling when making the electrical connection.
Internally developed at Cooper Lighting’s LED Innovation Center, the Crosstour’s scalable optical design options include three high-performance, LED lumen packages of 10-watts (720 lumens), 20-watts (1360 lumens) and 30-watts (2240 lumens) and a choice of either brilliant white 5000K correlated color temperature (CCT) or a neutral warm 3500K CCT. The Crosstour’s superior optical performance results from a patent pending optimized optical reflector designed to project the light in a forward throw direction, while a full cutoff door provides focused illumination with no uplight and minimal high angle illumination. The resulting higher lumen output allows greater spacing between fixtures, therefore requiring fewer fixtures. The Crosstour series includes small (5-3/4 inch W x 6-3/4 inch H x 3-5/8 inch D) and large (6-5/8 inch W x 8 inch H x 4 inch D) housing configurations and features rugged die-cast aluminum construction, a sealed LED optical chamber and impact-resistant tempered glass. Fixtures are offered in a Carbon Bronze and Summit White color options. The luminaires are Dark Sky Friendly, ADA Complaint, UL and cUL Wet Location listed, IP66 rated and have a projected LED life of 50,000 hours.

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54. Juno Lighting Group by Schneider Electric: AccuLite LED Alari+ Parking, Roadway and Area Luminaires

An architectural, energy-efficient lighting solution aimed at the commercial market, the AccuLite LED Alari+ luminaries feature field rotatable optics, high transmission glass, and tool-less access for wiring and maintenance. Specifically designed for high profile area lighting applications where style, energy efficiency, and low maintenance and installation costs are desired, these luminaries exceed 70 lumens per watt, and have a 50,000 hour LED life.

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55. Juno Lighting Group by Schneider Electric: AccuLite Finia LED Outdoor Luminaires

The versatile, energy-efficient series of AccuLite Finia LED Outdoor Luminaires feature a unique design and are available in wall mounted, pole mounted or flood light versions for commercial applications – wherever an attractive and efficient luminaire is needed. Each can be ordered in a high performance configuration with maximum fixture efficacy or a more economical version for the budget-conscious project.

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Spec Sheets:
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AccuLite Finia LED Flood Light LF1 and LF2 Series

56. RAB Lighting: ALED78 Area Light

The ALED78 is a 78 Watt high-performance LED which replaces 250 Watt metal halide area lights. Designed to illuminate parking lots and roadways, the ALED78 is an energy-efficient, aesthetically-pleasing, and affordable LED alternative to the significantly higher-wattage metal halide and high pressure sodium technology currently serving this vast market. ALED78 Area Light Product Information
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