March 2006 Products of the Week

March 2006 Products of the Week

Vacancy sensors

This new line of vacancy sensors meets the latest requirements outlined in California’s Title 24 Residential Energy Code. The sensors can be used with incandescent, electronic low-voltage, magnetic low-voltage, fluorescent, and compact fluorescent loads up to 800W. They have no minimum load requirement, operate in a manual on / automatic off mode, and will turn off automatically after a predetermined period of time once the room is vacant. The lights can also be turned off manually.

Cooper Wiring Devices

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UTP cables

The Brilliance CatSnake Cat. 6e audio/video cables are designed for use in patching Ethernet or other Cat. 5e digital audio/video formats. The UTP cables are AES/EBU-compliant and use the company’s bonded pair design for indoor broadcast applications in high traffic areas as well as use out-of-doors and in broadcast truck applications. They are made of 24 AWG stranded bare copper conductors and polyolefin insulation and are available in a heavy jacket wall version or an upjacketed version for heavy-duty applications.

Belden CDT Electronics Div.

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Energy-saving electronic ballast

The WattControl HID electronic ballast yields energy savings up to 40% in 400W HID fixtures, according to the company. Weighing less than 6lbs, the electronic ballast functions at temperatures 50% to 80% cooler than traditional magnetic ballasts. It operates at input voltages from 208V to 277V, 50/60 Hz and is ideally suited for warehouses, parking lots, large retail stores, roadways, and other 400W HID lighting environments. It can also be retrofit into most existing fixtures on the market.

Aurora Ballasts

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Home lighting control system

The StarLite home lighting control system is a wireless system that can handle up to 96 devices, 288 buttons, 100 scenes, and 50 timed events. The lighting control system 1,000W dimmers have 512 dimming levels, which can be preset for every load. The system has LED on/off indicators and is available in four colors – almond, light almond, white, and ivory. It comes with PC programming software, including voice recognition capabilities. One controller can operate up to 125 ft, and the system has a total range of over 500 ft using four repeaters.


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