May 2005 Products of the Week

May 2005 Products of the Week

Home automation gateway

The B6030-BACnet/IP home automation gateway is the latest addition to this company’s Eplus series of BACnet interfaces. The B6030 allows users to connect professional BACnet workstations to wireless products. The system is sold together with the Smarthome Powerline II interface, which supports the second generation extended X10 protocol that includes automatic verification of command actions. All Eplus interfaces communicate via an Ethernet data link, which is compatible with both building automation networks and traditional business IT networks.


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Arc flash calculator

ArcCalc arc flash calculator software allows users to estimate incident energy level can categorize arch flash hazards at any point in a system. The software determines the arc fault clearing time for the protective device settings; calculates incident energy and flash boundary; documents PPE requirements; and prints custom warning labels, energized work permits, and diagrams with input data and calculation results. It uses generous tolerances for utility, transformer, cable, and motor data to calculate conservative minimum and maximum fault currents. It includes a validated library of protective device trip characteristics to provide accurate trip times for the calculations.

SKM Systems Analysis

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Construction management software

Designed for electrical contractors, Version 12 of this company’s Forefront construction management software is based on the SQL database platform, which allows users to organize and retrieve data. The program can also track meeting minutes, task assignments, proposed changeorders, and other items involved with weekly or monthly job meetings. It also has document imaging that can scan documents separately from the transaction entry and a cache option that allows copies of images to be stored locally.


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Remote monitoring and diagnostic service

The Powerware eNotify Web-based remote monitoring and diagnostic service monitors the health of this company’s uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, while keeping track of battery condition to help prevent battery failure. The service provides 24/7, real-time response to UPS and battery alarms. It can immediately notify the user of significant events via phone, e-mail, or pager, or dispatch a service technician to resolve the problem.


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Structured Cabling System

The ConcoursePRO is a residential structured cabling system that allows users to determine the services and the outlets they want throughout their home. The system features a series of cabinets that are capable of housing security systems and front-loading cable management components. Its enclosures and cover are made from heavy-gauge, powder-coated steel, and all professional cable terminations are on the back plane of the patch panels.


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